Bank of America Assets

I am addressing this letter because I believe that profit maximization is a key factor in any business and the same should be the case with the bank of America. Bank of America has a challenge as pertains to cost management, and unless the CEO checks on the same, a massive deficit will occur. The […]

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Bank of America Case

The Bank of America’s new system for developing banking services is characterized by innovation: in that the bank realizes that there is the need to grow through value creation and excellent services that are appreciated by customers as opposed to price alone. Implying that the bank wants to go the extra mile of ensuring consumer […]

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Halifax bank

Purpose: The first document is from Halifax bank which I have received from them telling me about saving services and some other details as well. The purpose of the Halifax letter is to give information and details about an appointment that I made. The letter confirms that I made an appointment because two weeks ago […]

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Bank Service Quality Audit

1. Product Elements (O) – I went to BPI España UST at 9:30 am to make an over-the-counter deposit transaction which only took me around 7 minutes for the whole process inside the bank. I deposited 500 pesos to my friend’s account. The place was spacious and clean. They also have couches provided in the […]

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Bank of Ceylon

The saga of Bank of Ceylon (BOC) began on 1st of August 1939 under Bank of Ceylon Ordinance No. 53 of 1938, the Governor of Ceylon, Today having completed more than seven decades of glorious existence, the Bank is firmly entrenched as Sri Lanka’s premier financial services organization offering a broad range of services consists […]

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Bank Trust Examination

The main purpose of this article is to discuss what types of communication used and Best Trust Bank, and how their methods could be improved.. The sender and receiver skills described in this case are oral communication, such as face-to-face discussions, individual coaching, telephone conversations, and formal presentations and speeches, written communication, such as email, […]

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Technological Innovations in Bank of Africa

This study sets out to ascertain customers’ perception on the effect of IT innovations or electronic delivery channels in Bank of Africa (U) Ltd. The study specifically, examined the extent of bank’s innovativeness in information technology in B. O. A; the level of service delivery in B. O. A in relation to IT innovations and […]

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An Analysis of Customer Perception Towards Mobile Banking

Mobile banking is a way for the customer to perform banking actions on his or her cell phone or other mobile device. It is a quite popular method of banking that fits in well with a busy, technologically oriented lifestyle. It might also be referred to as M-banking or SMS banking . The amount of […]

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Determinants of SMEs Perceptions towards Electronic Banking

Electronic distribution channels have gained increasing popularity in recent years. It provides alternatives for faster delivery of banking services to a wider scope of customers. This study aims to collect the SMEs owners/executives/managers perceptions towards the potential benefits and the risks associated to electronic banking in Pakistan. Data is collected through primary sources which are […]

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Why Asian Has More Women Private Bankers

According to the article, Ms Tan Su Shan, 45, is the head private and consumer banking of DBS Group Holdings. She mentioned that when she still working for Morgan Stanley, she has to work on her laptop and mobile phone while she giving birth. Doctor applied nitrous oxide to relief the pain of giving bith […]

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