Bangladesh Essay

The path to our village home was very rutted due to the uneven ground. As we drove towards the countryside the bumps that occurred from the weary road shook the entire car. Every bump felt like travelling on a camel as they would change their leg length while walking. It was very disturbing. The heat […]

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Capital Budgeting Techniques in Bangladesh

Every nations need to import from abroad the required resources that might not have been adequately available within the country. However, import is the most primeval way of gratifying the famine portion of existing demand for products or services and accordingly, other nations for both monetary and trade maturity intention export the products to the […]

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Political Unrest in Bangladesh Its Impact on Economy

Despite serious problems related to a dysfunctional political system, weak governance, and pervasive corruption, Bangladesh remains one of the few democracies in the Muslim world. Bangladeshis regard democracy as an important legacy of their bloody war for independence, and they vote in large numbers. However, democratic institutions and practices remain weak. The three major parties […]

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Empowering Women Through Microcredit

Manifold problems of women cannot be overcome only by small IGAs and credit support. A package programme consisting of leadership and managerial development, of rights and laws, of education, credit, income, health and reproductive issues seems to be appropriate for removing these problems and for stepping up women’s position in the society. Presently in its […]

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Social and Psychological Sources of Power of Bangladesh

Power is the ability of an actor to use its tangible and intangible resources in such a way so as to influence the outcome of any international event to its own satisfaction. Power can be derived from three sources which are natural; social and psychological and also synthetic. Although all the sources of power are […]

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Co-Operative Movement in Bangladesh

Co-operative movement is a series of planned activities with a common goal. The term usually refers more specifically to the formation of non-profit economic enterprises for the benefit of those using their services. Begun in England in the nineteenth century, the co-operative movement stimulated Bengal in the last decade of the century. At first, some […]

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Strategyanalysis of Bangladesh Pharmaceutical Industry

Bangladesh is one of the ten most populous countries in the world. It is also one of the poorest. Access to even the most basic healthcare provision remains very poor, despite the ongoing efforts of the government, aided by considerable international assistance. Adequate secondary or tertiary care is beyond the reach of all but a […]

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Tree Plantation

Bangladesh is a beautiful country. It is a land of forests and trees, hills and vales, rivers, marshes and canals, wide open meadows. It has got a moderate climate-neither too hot nor too cold. So this land is a happy abode of different kinds of birds. Birds have increased the beauty of our country. People […]

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Rivers of Bangladesh

The rivers of Bangladesh mark both the physiography of the nation and the life of the people. About 700 in number, these rivers generally flow south. The larger rivers serve as the main source of water for cultivation and as the principal arteries of commercial transportation. Rivers also provide fish, an important source of protein. […]

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Ship Breaking Yards: Political, Legal and Environmental Factors and Being Affected

Since the 60s of last millennium Bangladesh is a pioneer of ship scrapping industry of the world. It blessed Bangladesh with employment, steel and foreign remittance saving. But in return it costs us our life and environment. So concern is rising up. How much time yards will have the privilege of ignoring risk of workers […]

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Power Crisis in Bangladesh

1.Power crisis has become a chronic disease in our country since the mid-nineties due to increase in consumption of electricity in various sectors with the increase of population. Despite the time-demanding necessity of meeting the increasing trend in electricity consumption, No real action has been taken in resolving this national crisis. We have gone through […]

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Costing and Pricing of Poultry Products in Bangladesh – an Evaluation

1. Introduction: Agriculture plays an important role in economic development of Bangladesh. Poultry is one of the important subsectors of agriculture. Poultry is domesticated birds kept by humans for the purpose of producing eggs, meat, and/or feathers. Now a day, poultry is another growing industry in Bangladesh. Chickens, ducks, quails and turkeys, pigeons are included […]

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Overall Operations Analysis of a Garments Factory in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is still a developing country but the tremendous growth prospect that this country has shown and still showing on for some time now signals the bright future that Bangladesh possesses. There are some industries and sectors which have provided the country with the phenomenal start and necessary speed that is required for an annual […]

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Ditf on Bangladesh Economy

The 18th Dhaka International Trade Fair, (DITF)-2013 organized by Export Promotion Bureau and the Ministry of Commerce, Government of Bangladesh has been held at Sher-E-Bangla Nagar in Dhaka west side of Bangabandhu International Conference Centre during January 01-31, 2013. The local producer in the remote areas of rural Bangladesh who does not have financial strength […]

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Square Pharmaceutical Company

The pharmaceutical market in Bangladesh is pretty small compared to the population size of the country, mainly because of the lack of spending power of the population. Pharmaceutical spending is also amongst the lowest in the world in per capita terms. Healthcare expenditures consist of only 3.35% of GDP. However, increased awareness of healthcare, increase […]

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Pharmaceutical Distribution Channel in Bangladesh

The aim of the study is to analyze the changes that took place in Bangladesh Pharmaceutical Industries Channel system in the past decade. The current scenario of the pharmaceutical Industry in Bangladesh and external effects that might bring in further changes in the industry is to be thoroughly looked at. Countries with similar channel structure […]

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