Baking and Freshly Minced Garlic

To be perfectly honest, this essay isn’t about someone who has inspired me. It’s not about a famous chef or dear-to-my-heart grandmother who taught me to braise, bake, or boil. To say anyone pushed me into the culinary field would be an outright lie when the truth is I dove in headfirst of my own […]

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The Very Best Honey-Bun Cake (Process)

Are you looking for a stomach filling, heart warming, and show stopping dessert to bring to any family or social event? Well, you’ve found it! During this process a person will receive a great understanding of what it takes to make the best honey – bun cake in the world. This cake will be so […]

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History of Baking

Baking started when man discovered wild edible grains that grew on his hunting trail. He later cultivated this grains that grew on his hunting trail. He later cultivate this grains in his own place and learned how to grind them between stones, thereby producing a powdery grain called flour which; when mix with water, yielded […]

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The Making of Edible Art

As a pastry maker we are delighted to make our clients special requests come true, at affordable prices, guaranteed freshness and taste. As you may imagine making a cake or a cupcake it’s like making a piece of art. It takes time, patience, and design skills. The first step towards making a cupcake its gathering […]

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Home Style Cookies

The cookie production processing is called batch processing system to produce the dough used to make its cookies. The baking company uses two continuous ovens to bake the cookies. The text states that “Batch processing is used when a moderate value of goods or services is desired, and it can handle a moderate variety of […]

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Bakery: Cake and Pans

1. Chapter Overview This will provide the logical work/study sequence reference to students who will be required to carry out pastry and bakery principle of cooking theories and techniques including the understanding of tools, baking ingredients, equipment, yield management and conversion formula and storage. In this program students will be introduced to baking including dough, […]

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Pillsbury Cookie Challenge

The refrigerated-cookie product line of Pillsbury’s refrigerated baked goods (RBG) category is considered to be the sign of success for this grouping. However, the cookie segment’s annual volume growth over the past several years is virtually non-existent and household penetration is on the decline. In response to this, Ivan Guillen, the marketing manager for the […]

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Baking a cake

People love to cook and learn new recipes and when a recipe is practical, fast, delicious and cheap, it doesn’t get any better! Learning a new dessert is wonderful. Imagine cooking for that special someone and end with a delicious dessert prepared for you! Cakes are one of the most desired desserts in the world, […]

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