B2B E-Commerce

Linking up the enterprise through IT

Retail operations anywhere in the world are inherently complex due to four factors and more so in India where it is still in an evolutionary phase. Product complexity- Indian retail sector has more degree of product complexity as compared to its western counterparts because of its multi-lingual, multi-cultural society added with increasing population by leaps […]

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Marketing in Vietnam – Canon case study

Historically, a good product will sell itself. Nevertheless, this thinking is already obsolete. Today, the decision of customers on buying a product may be justified by several factors like, e.g., the product (functionality, quality, appearance, brand, service, support, warranty, etc.), the price, the place (locations, logistics, market coverage, internet, mobile, etc.), sales promotions, etc. Nowadays, […]

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Design of e-commerce

The potential negative impact of consequences on IS strategic planning, feasibility, analysis and design of e-commerce. A main reason for the rapid growth of e-commerce, especially the B2B, its significant impact on cost associated with inventories, sales execution, procurement and distribution and with intangible like banking. To reap the potential cost saving fully, firms must […]

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