Google Marketing Case Study

Internet was emerging and the quest for getting relevant data from the Internet had begun. The solutions provided by Yahoo and AltaVista were not adequate to fill this requirement. In 1 996, Larry Page and Bring who were at that time PhD students at Stanford, got together to answer this question. They developed a ranking […]

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Linking up the enterprise through IT

Retail operations anywhere in the world are inherently complex due to four factors and more so in India where it is still in an evolutionary phase. Product complexity- Indian retail sector has more degree of product complexity as compared to its western counterparts because of its multi-lingual, multi-cultural society added with increasing population by leaps […]

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Neutral B2B marketsites

Neutral Marketsites seek to reduce waste and inefficiency by offering increased visibility, and a neutral knowledge base for both buyers and sellers. Buyers or sellers do not establish these marketsites, but are instead set up by an independent company. The neutral marketsite below illustrates that the company brings together two separate groups–buyers and sellers. The […]

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B2B marketing Case Study

The Crystal Group of Companies employs over 35,000 people in eight locations including USA, Vietnam, Sir Lanka, Bangladesh, Dongguan, Huizhou, Nanjing, and Zhangshan. It is one of the garment industry’s global companies in which can be found across the world. Its customers cover USA, Europe, Japan and China e.g. Uniqlo, H;M, Levi’s, Gap, Walmart, JCP, […]

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Marketing in Vietnam – Canon case study

Historically, a good product will sell itself. Nevertheless, this thinking is already obsolete. Today, the decision of customers on buying a product may be justified by several factors like, e.g., the product (functionality, quality, appearance, brand, service, support, warranty, etc.), the price, the place (locations, logistics, market coverage, internet, mobile, etc.), sales promotions, etc. Nowadays, […]

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E-business is the way of the future

“E-business (electronic business), derived from such terms as “e-mail” and “e-commerce,” is the conduct of business on the Internet, not only buying and selling but also servicing customers and collaborating with business partners. ” (Nelson, 2001) Due to the ever changing way that business is conducted. E-Business is no longer about promising future profitability relying […]

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TNT Marketing Strategy

TNT is a very well established courier service company in Europe, however statistics and report had shown that it has weak market presence in Southeast Asia compared to its competitors. Over these few years they are trying to build up their brand and market presence in Asia especially in China and Indian, they have also […]

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B2B E-Commerce

To face challenges in the new business world the company can open an e-com site a B2B site so that the company can do more business not only with its Indian client but also to it international clients. Different system approaches helps us in using the theoretical and methodological levels. Critical systems thinking uses all available […]

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Design of e-commerce

The potential negative impact of consequences on IS strategic planning, feasibility, analysis and design of e-commerce. A main reason for the rapid growth of e-commerce, especially the B2B, its significant impact on cost associated with inventories, sales execution, procurement and distribution and with intangible like banking. To reap the potential cost saving fully, firms must […]

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