Avatar Ethics

An avatar is a physical shell controlled by forces from the outside. In the film, paraplegic marine Jake Sully’s mind/soul is placed inside the body of a genetically modified alien creature. He can control the massive and beautiful body, and is sent to infiltrate the native people on the lush planet of Pandora. They control […]

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A Comparison of the Australian Aborigines and the Na’Vi in “Avatar”

A Comparison of the Australian Aborigines and The Na’vi in Avatar. The widely acclaimed movie Avatar, directed by James Cameron, is known as a movie that portrays the treatment of the Aboriginal peoples. It shows many similarities in circumstances and views of the Aboriginal peoples. However there are still some differences between these cultures. Each […]

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Ethnocentrism in Avatar

Ethnocentrism in Anthropological perspective – Avatar Using highly advanced technology to replicate and to creating false bodies which humans use to walk amongst the natives known as the Na’vi living in the planet Pandora hence the name ‘Avatar’. The story focuses on an ex U.S. soldier name Jake Sully who is wheel-chair bound, was called […]

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