Automobile Emissions

ABSTRACT Pollution from automobile emissions has become over the past few decades an issue of great concern. With a growing number of motor vehicles on our roads great concern has been attributed to the effects of these emissions to our health and to the environment. Several of the gases emitted, which when present in certain […]

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Automobile Manufacturing Industries

There are debates in the automobile manufacturing industries that ecofriendly vehicles are slow and will be a set back to the transportation sector (Sperling and Deborah, 2009). However, it is important to note that the bottom line is to improve sustainability so that the future generation will thrive in a better environment better than if […]

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Car Safety

This is about features that improve your concentration on the roads. Safety design and features help to protect the occupants of a vehicle from serious injury in an accident. Important safety design features are those, which will help to avoid an accident, protect the occupants in a crash and assist the performance of the driver. […]

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Advertisement Analysis

In this task I am going to analyse two adverts that I have seen on television. The adverts that I have chosen to complete this task are both car adverts. The first advert is of the new Renault Clio and the second is off the Volkswagon Passat. Advertising companies such as Morgan’s choose to advertise […]

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Investigation of factors that effect the price of a car

For this investigation I will be using the data to investigate what factors influence the price of a second handed car. To do this first I will specify clearly what I am going to do and why I am going to carry out the investigation this way. Then I will collate the data that I […]

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Oh my God

‘Oh my God’ I shouted in total shock. My gorgeous brand new Lamborghini with tinted windows, mini-disc player and a subwoofer that fills up my boot was totally ruined! I could not believe it. There was a big, smelly, black and white cow sitting on my bonnet. It was a beautiful hot sunny day and […]

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An Appreciation of the Peugoet 406 Ad

The riveting ad begins with what appears to be the sound of chopping helicopter rotors. The juxtaposition of the black screen and the helicopter sound creates many assumptions in the viewer’s mind: rescue; emergency; an escort; even war. A sense of urgency and dramatic importance is given to the scene. Consequently, the audience is compelled […]

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VW – Skoda Fabia – Intergrated marketing communication

During the following essay we are going to be looking at the concept of integrated marketing communication (IMC) for the Skoda brand. Skoda prior to the year 2000 had a humorous and weak reputation among the UK market. With such jokes as “what do you call a Skoda with a sun roof? A skip” However […]

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Luxury Cars

Luxury sports cars are fancy, classy cars which are mainly preferred by a certain group of customers. In actual sense most luxury sport cars are mainly for indulgence rather than a necessity. They are usually excessively expensive evidenced by their sumptuous living. Luxury sports cars are ranked in various categories. There are coupes and convertibles. […]

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Argumentation, Rhetoric and Topoi

Well It Is Important because in order to convince someone about a certain thing you have to be good at reasoning you have to have a good explanatiorn It is not enough to tell your listeners how they should think and act. It Is also very essential to be able to Justify your standpoint. What […]

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