Automobile industry

Geely Automobile Holdings Ltd

Geely Automobile Holdings Ltd. (Geely Automobiles) is a China based automobiles manufacturer, which is engaged into the research and development, production, sales and servicing of auto products. The company produces automobiles under five brand groups: Geely, Maple, Gleagle, Emgrand, and Englon. It also manufactures and develops engine platforms that include engine capacities from 1 litre […]

The Role of New Automobile Industry in the Prosperity of the 1920s Economy

In the 1920s, the America’s economy was booming. People felt that they had a right to prosperity and many had aims of owning a nice house and car. I believe that the automobile industry was an extremely important factor in the economic boom. In the 1890s cars were only made by skilled blacksmiths, and were […]

Macroeconomics of the Automobile Industry

Insurance is considered a form of risk management, where a client receives protection from an uncertain loss by an agent for an exchange of payment. An insurance consumer pays a premium amount of payment in order to be protected by an insurance company. Automobile insurance is the required in forty-nine states in our country, and […]

Competition in the Chinese Automobile Industry

Some early entrants (such as Volkswagen) succeeded, while some early entrants (such as Peugeot) failed. Similarly, some late entrants (such as Honda) did well and some late entrants (such as Ford) continue to struggle. From a resource-based standpoint, what role dose entry timing play in determining performance? After long and difficult negotiation that began in […]

Technological changes in the automobile industry

The automobile industry has and still is undergoing vast changes. In the past few decades, the car has evolved from what was only seen as a means or a mode of transport to build a multi billion dollar industry mainly managed through an oligopoly market. According to Jeff & David (1987), the industry is more […]

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