What is authority

Authority = Power Arguments for: (i) We speak of the “State Authorities” even in nations governed by military dictatorships or totalitarian regimes, which have no apparent moral or political justification. The authority involved in such cases seems to be nothing other than brute power. (ii) When anyone exercises authority they are by some means getting […]

Legal Authority

Mandatory Authority-Binding authority is, the source of laws for that particular state or country which the judge is compelled to follow when considering a case. i,e if the law of the land says that the penalty for a particular crime is 6 months in jail, he cannot give 6years Mandatory authority is what the court […]

Is Legal Rational Authority the Most Rational Type of Authority

In every society, whether pre-modern or modern, there has been a hierarchy of command of which everyone must adhere to. In order for this system to operate, there must be someone in charge. Since every human being is found in a group or an organization which may be a country, tribe, institution or a family, […]

Milgrams study into obedience

Describe and discuss two factors that Milgram found effect obedience? Refer to empirical evidence in your answer Milgram’s original study into obedience came under to a lot of scrutiny because of both mythological and ethical problems. This meant that the validity of Milgram’s study was put into question. Following the study were further investigations to […]

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