Clouded atmosphere

The concentration of the atmosphere’s main greenhouse gases specifically, carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, and water vapor, have increased significantly during the industrial age. These high concentrations are predicted to continue in the atmosphere for thousands of years to come. This increase in specially carbon dioxide, increases the infrared energy taken in by the atmosphere, […]

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The Atmosphere

The atmosphere is a blanket of air and moisture that surrounds Earth. Most dense at sea level, where the molecules are pressed together by weight of the air above, the atmosphere becomes less dense as the height above sea level increases. About 500 km up, there are hardly any molecules, and the vacuum of space […]

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Atmosphere through Detailed Language in Snow Falli

ng On Cedars Snow Falling Cedars EssaysAtmosphere through Detailed Language in Snow Falling On Cedars Snow Falling On Cedars, by David Guterson, is an emotional story. The death of a fisherman, Carl Heine, on San Piedro Island, turns into a murder trial for Japanese American, Kabuo Miyamoto. Also an inter-racial childhood romance between Ishmael Chambers […]

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Global Circulation of the Atmosphere

The book Global Circulation of the Atmosphere by Schneider and Sobel has advanced the observation and numerical simulation of the atmosphere from the basic features of the Earth’s climate. Despite being poorly understood, the book has integrated its collected data and has calculated the resources to improve our perception of the global circulation of the […]

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Greenhouse Effect

Green House Effect is heating up of earth’s atmosphere due to the trapping of intra-red ray. (reflected from the earth’s surface) by the carbon dioxide layer in the atmosphere is called green-house effect. The green-house effect in the atmosphere occurs due to the presence of a blanket of carbon-dioxide gas in the atmosphere. This blanket […]

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Composition and Structure of the Atmosphere

Weather is the state of the atmosphere at a given time and place. A complete description of the weather includes the amount and type of clouds. Rain, snow, thunderstorms, lightning, and even dust storms are part of the weather. Measurements of temperature, pressure, wind speed and direction, and the amount of moisture in the air […]

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Ozone Depletion

Ozone depletion is a very serious issue that is almost fully the fault of humans and the ozone is going to continue to thin if changes are not made. Chemicals that are used in everyday life are primarily responsible for the ozone loss; compounds called chlorofluorocarbons such as Freon and Styrofoam when used as a […]

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Why planting a tree could save the world

When people talk about plating a tree to save the environment and the world, they think it’s a metaphor or a joke, but in reality one tree can make a massive difference in today’s society. Planting a tree is such a simple thing to do but it has many long-term benefits and it can make […]

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Global warming

Evidence: There is a lot of evidence pointing to the futures problems with global warming. First is the rise in temperature we have already had in the last ten years alone the average global temperature has risen more than one degree F. Based on estimates last year(2006) by NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies, 2005 […]

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