College Athletes Support

With millions of dollars in merchandising and television contracts at stake, colleges have a lot of money riding on the recruitment, education, and performanceboth on and off the field– of college athletes. Colleges lure the athletes to their school, and make sure they meet the eligibility requirements when there. In order for athletes to be […]

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ACL Injuries in Athletes

The Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) attaches the femur, which is the thighbone, and the tibia, which is the shin, together (northstar). A torn ACL is one of the most excruciating experiences in an athletes life. It is the first thing that comes to mind when they hurt their knee on the field; for many it […]

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Corupt Athletes Type 5 Writing

Type 5 Writing Assignment: Corrupt Athletes Steroids. Marijuana. Alcohol. Cocaine. Violence. The unfortunate truth is that no discussion of American sports in the past few decades has been complete without those words being mentioned in some context. Through this paper, I hope to gain an understanding of the different types of illegal behaviors, the people […]

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Drug Abuse on Athletes

How do you stop drug abuse? There are some athletes who are effected by this and need help. There can be a number of solutions to this problem and everyone seems to have a different opinion and point of view about it. One solution can be to actually reward the athletes with bonuses or benefits […]

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Athletes with Disabilities

Athletic competition is a very integral part of collective culture of humanity, as participation in sports can be drawn back several thousand years to the famed Olympic games of ancient Greece. Participation in athletics provides a release from the stresses of everyday life, while also providing a means of competition in which individuals can attain […]

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Athletes should be permitted to use performance enhancing drugs

I am against the motion for athletes being permitted to use performance enhancing drugs. Higher blood pressure, higher cholesterol levels, higher risk of heart disease, liver damage of, premature growth, testicular cancer, abnormally large amounts of acne, breast development in men; these are all the harmful side effects of using steroids. This makes taking drugs […]

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Effects of hydration levels on an athlete’s performance

Describe the signs and symptoms of hydration levels, including dehydration, hyperhydration and hypohydration. You should describe the physiological and psychological signs and symptoms that will tell an athlete their hydration levels. There are advantages and disadvantages with regards to different energy levels. There are also signs and symptoms to each different level of hydration. Dehydration […]

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Sarah: a case study

This case study will closely examine and outline a sports person. It will provide an insight into the psychological concept of the individual, describe the consequences of this psychological concept and give a theoretical underpinning and possible suggestions of how to explain the individual’s behaviour. The individual: The individual in this case study is called […]

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Should Student Athletes Be Paid

The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), which was crated in the year 1905, laid down the rule entailing student athletes to be unpaid so that they can fulfill the criteria for student athletics competition (NCAA Manual, 126). According to the National Collegiate Athletic Association, necessitating student-athletes to be proletarian saves them from getting used by […]

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Jesse Owens

Jesse Owens was one of the most prestigious athletes of our time. His contribution to the sport of track and field has made him an American hero during an era when African Americans were discriminated against because of their race. He has opened the door for other African American athletes to have equality and opportunities […]

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