The Congo Reform Association

In 1904, Dr. Henry Guinness, Roger Casement and Edmund Dene Morel founded the Congo Reform Association. This was a movement whose main objective was to assist the impoverished workforce in the Congo. They did this by drawing attention to their plight. Prior to this, a Swedish missionary, Mr. Sjoblom, together with Rev. J. Murphy of […]

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The Sheet Metal Workers International Association

The Sheet Metal Workers International Association has helped me and family in reaching our status right now. If not with the Association, we would not be where we are today. My dad, as a member of the SMWIA, was able to raise us with proper education with the benefits we get from the Association. I […]

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Future of SAARC

The vast South Asia subcontinent was split into two nations in 1947 when India and Pakistan came into existence because of their irreconcilably divergent religions, political perceptions and ethnic cleavages. It became impossible to make the Hindus and Muslims live under any single arrangement. They could not get along side by side any more. The […]

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American Nurses Association

The history of nursing dates back to centuries. The dignity of nursing lies in its unconditional rendering of patient care. To be taken care of is considered a privilege but caring for someone is indeed a virtue.

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American Psychiatric Nurses Association-APNA

“APNA is committed to continuous and comprehensive mental health services necessary for the promotion of optimal mental health, prevention of mental illness, intervention, health maintenance and rehabilitation.”(SAGE Journal, 2010)

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