Discuss How SchemesAssimilation and Accommodation Provide the Foundation for Cognitive Development

Piaget’s theory of cognitive development explained how a child’s ability to think progresses through a series of distinct stages as they mature. Piaget believed that these stages were maturational. That is, development is genetic and largely unaffected by environmental factors. Cognitive theory examines internal mental representations such as sensation, reasoning, thinking and memory. Cognition involves […]

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Reflection of Three Cups of Tea

“Accommodation has always been more effective than assimilation in managing the minority problem. ” How accurate is this assessment of independent SEA? Accommodation has been proven to be more effective than assimilation throughout the process of managing the minority population in Southeast Asia through its various successes. Accommodation recognises ethnic differences of minority communities through […]

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The melting pot

1. Why has it been so difficult for Hmong refugees to adjust to life in the United States? It has been so difficult for Hmong refugees to adjust to life in the United States because lifestyle was very different from theirs. They didn’t know a telephone, an air conditioner, a light switch, etc. even existed. […]

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