Digital Asset Management

Introduction Management of digital assets is a task of managing digital assets. It is a system which includes hardware and software computer systems for aiding the digital management processes. It is referred as a protocol of downloading, backing up, grouping, maintaining, exploring and optimizing files. The simple definition of Digital Management Assets (DAM) is that […]

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SEBI Guidelines for Issue of Bonus Shares

A Company may issue bonus shares without obtaining prior approval but only after a period of 12 months after a public/rights issue and after safeguarding the rights of fully convertible and partly convertible debentures falling due for conversion within 12 months from the date of bonus issue. A bonus issue should take into consideration the […]

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Analyze Financial Detective

Financial characteristics of companies vary for many reasons. The two most prominent drivers are industry economics and firm strategy. Each industry has a financial norm around which companies within the industry tend to operate. Each company within industries has different financial characteristics and strategies which can produce striking differences in financial results for firms in […]

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Gross Working Capital vs Net working Capital

Working capital of a company is one of the most important measures in any financial statement that is also easy to calculate. It is a reflection of the current financial condition of a company that enables investors to know about the health (financial) of a company. However, there are two terms called gross working capital […]

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Property, plant and equipment

Studying this technical article and answering the related questions can count towards your verifiable CPD if you are following the unit route to CPD and the content is relevant to your learning and development needs. One hour of learning equates to one hour of CPD. We’d suggest that you use this as a guide when […]

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Intellectual Capital

This report has the following objectives: Defining the intellectual capital; exploring how to change the tacit knowledge into intellectual knowledge; suggesting how to turn intellectual capital into revenue; highlighting the intellectual management in enterprises. With increasing emphasis on that intellectual property is the greatest asset, this report also investigates the ways to protect intellectual capital […]

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Tootsie Roll Loan Package

According to “Tootsie Roll Industries: Company Information” (2013), “Tootsie Roll Industries, LLC is America’s favorite candy company; manufacturing and selling some of the world’s most popular confectionary brands. Beginning in a modest New York candy store with the Tootsie Roll’s introduction in 1896, the Chicago-based company has grown to become one of the country’s largest […]

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