Book Review: Assessment in the Classroom

“Assessment in the Classroom” was written by Annie Ward and Mildred-Murray Ward for Wadsworth Publishing Company in 1999. The book with its immaculate layout is intended to be used by students in an introductory course in educational measurement or as foundation for in-service training programs. The focus of the book is on classroom assessment and […]

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Self Reflection

Assessments are an integral part of an educator’s career in actively facilitating the needed objectives in the classroom. It gives them the capability to measure and gauge the capability of students to acquire information and respond to the contents of the subject given. Seeing this, the facilitation of alternative methods can indeed take place in […]

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The Identification and Importance of Quality Assessment

The available methods for an organization, particularly, the healthcare industry there is three assessment techniques chosen to incorporate. There are classical, traditional, and continuous quality assessments that all have similar attributes as well as differences. The goal of the healthcare organization is to decide on which method is best for monitoring the quality of care […]

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