The earliest known use of the drug can be traced back to the Greek physician Hippocrates in the fifth century B.C. He used powder extracted from the bark of willows to treat pain and reduce fever. The uses of salicylic acid derivatives were also recorded in the Middle Ages. Salicin, the parent of the salicylate […]

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Aspirin and Its Therapeutic Uses

“Aspirin has been used for many years; it is well-understood, effective, inexpensive and widely available. ” – Dr. Jeffrey Berger In the last 30 years medicines prescribed by doctors have changed beyond all recognition. Our better knowledge of the nature of diseases and their management has led to the replacement of many old remedies by […]

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Tenebrio Molitor

Tenebrio molitor is the scientific name for mealworm. While conducting the experiment, the Tenebrio molitor is given a drug name aspirin to see the changes in the worm after taking the drug. The independent variable is aspirin and the dependent variable is death rate. Aspirin is given to Tenebrio molitor to see if they die […]

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