The first pop artists

The first pop artists came from the Dada movement, for example, the French artist Marcel Duchamp and the German artist Kurt Schwitters. Duchamp used everyday objects and took them out of their usual contexts to exhibit them as art. He would retitle the objects “to declare its change of function from a utilitarian purpose to […]

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Chiaroscuro artist comparative

Chiascruro is a technique, employed by artists and photographers alike, which focuses on strong contrasts between light and dark, to transform and highlight certain aspects of the composition. It’s also used as a effective way of portraying the curvature and dimensions of the human form. In photography, it’s often compared to remembrandt lighting, a type […]

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African American Artists

Born sometime in the late 19th century to African American and Native American parents, Edmonia Lewis rose to success in Boston, Massachusetts as a sculptor specializing in abolitionist and Civil War themes. The details of her life are uncertain even today since Lewis seemed to create a public persona of herself as an artist. According […]

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