Portrait Of The Artist As Young Man

Religion is an important and recurring theme in James Joyce’s A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man. Through his experiences with religion, Stephen Dedalus both matures and progressively becomes more individualistic as he grows. Though reared in a Catholic school, several key events lead Stephen to throw off the yoke of conformity and […]

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Kafka The Hunger Artist

The way art and artist are denoted in Kafka’s The Hunger Artist is something of interest to artists and the audiences. Kafka uses metaphors in his works so as to bring out a deeper meaning from his stories. In this book, The Hunger Artist, Kafka brings out suffering of artists as they try to do […]

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Roy Lichtenstein – a true artist

Many people debate whether the art of Roy Lichtenstein can actually be considered art. A critic of the New York Times identified Roy Lichtenstein as “one of the worst artists in America. ” (Tomkins/Adelman) Others insist that he is not an artist at all, that his paintings of blown-up comic strips, cheap ads and reproductions […]

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Analysing CD covers – Mika, Aerosmith and my own CD cover

The two CD covers are very different when comparing and analysing the visual images and information available. Both the CD covers have many images, colour, including the artists name and the name of actual CD album. The ‘Mika’ cover is very colourful and has used lots of different animated cartoon images. In the middle of […]

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Jim Dine

In this sculpture Dine takes normal everyday tools and adds a fun and colourful edge to them. Although ‘Five Feet of Colorful Tools’ is simple it does bring out the normal tools and gives them a vibrant look. It is very Pop-Art based, using a simple idea and lots of block simple colours. This would […]

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Sarah Lucas is notoriously known as the bad girl of Brit Art

Lucas has a reputation of having an aggressive stance, which can be seen in her many self-portraits. She is recognised by her trademark jeans, t-shirt and masculine boots, and defiant look upon her face and the constant smoke from a cigarette. Lucas’s self portraits do not include words but the expressions that she uses give […]

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Artist research into Brendan Neiland

When I first look at Neiland’s works, I see a flurry of bold colours merging into each other, yet at closer inspection I realise they are abstract reflections in the windows of modern buildings and skyscrapers. These works make me think about what its like to drop an object in a puddle as there is […]

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The work of artists

In this essay by examining the work of artists, Turner, Smart, Lorrain, and King-Smith, it can be demonstrated how artists over time and by using different techniques, media and styles have explored and responded to their environment. By using the device of the frames we can attempt to understand how artists approach their work. “The […]

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Frank Auerbach

Frank Auerbach is an artist whose work is almost completely diminished when it’s reproduced in books or magazines (or websites for that matter). The images are as far removed from Auerbach’s actual work as a photograph of someone is from the real person. It’s all to do with the complexity of the surfaces that Aurbach […]

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Passions and obsessions evaluation

The first artist I looked at was Leonid Afremov, I found him while searching the Internet for inspiring artist and I came across a piece of art called Beautiful Cellist. When I first saw it I loved it because of its bright I colors and because I used to play cello and I really like […]

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