Artificial intelligence


OPERATION PAPERCLIP According to the CIA report, there was a secret project code-named Operation Paperclip that was meant to bring the Nazi scientist to the US after World War II.[1] It was during the same period that the Russians were also trying to recruit these specialist. The end of the war saw different allied parties coming […]

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Research on national intelligence

4.3 Information technology procurement It is amongst the chief roles of the DNI to ensure that the investment in technology helps create the maximum possible return. The mission is to deliver the appropriate technology for solving problems associated with national intelligence while ensuring that it is possible to coordinate and sponsor research activities for different […]

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Global HPV Testing Market

There are more than 30 to 40 types of Hips, which are transmitted through sexual contact between humans. HIP is different from HAS and HIVE. HIP is a common virus that affects almost every sexually active man or woman during their lifetime. Some of the Hips can also cause cancer and genital warts. The growing […]

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Foundation of Business Intelligence

Principal tools for accessing information from database to improve business performance and decision making 1 1 6. Reasons of Information policy, data administration and data quality assurance essential for managing a firm’s data resources 15 7. Closure 16 8. References 17 1. Introduction Database systems are the information heart of modern enterprises, where they are […]

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Emphasize Business Intelligence

Emphasize Business Intelligence software Solution as Senses and First BY Stagnant Today’s software solution makes it possible for companies to remain in top position by looking at the company’s oversight database and analytics based business actions. Bal solutions are valuable for any company to encourage complete strategy, get better information and sharing across software platforms. […]

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Data Mining for Business Intelligence

Multiple linear regression – linear relationship between a dependent variable Y (response) and a set of predictors [J Model Goal: Fit the data well and understand the contribution of explanatory variables to the model – model performance assessed by residual analysis [J Model fitted to the entire dataset Predictive Modeling Goal: Predict target values in […]

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Emotional Intelligence Paper

Since this realization has become more of a reality emotional intelligence has now grown to be largely accepted and essential in understand a person and the way that they think and the way they act. This paper is going to talk about the differences between the traditional cognitive intelligence and emotional intelligence while also talking […]

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Compare and Contrast Spearman and Gardner Intelligence

Superman’s theory is supported by a high IQ and very simple cognitive tasks. These tests are considered very simple; for example, one test that might be done is to see how fast a person reacts to hearing a sound by raising their hands. On the other hand, Gardener’s theory has a solid biological basis, and […]

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Emotional intelligence

Researchers were puzzled that while IQ could predict to a significant degree of academic performance and to some degree, professional and personal success, there was something missing in the equation. One of the major missing parts in the success equation is CEQ, a concept made popular by the groundbreaking book “Emotional Intelligence” by Daniel Coleman […]

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Compare and contrast the four styles of creative intelligence

Compare and contrast the four styles of creative intelligence and their influence on organizational decision making. Discuss how the five forces influence mental models/ mindsets. By Ministry Creative Intergenerational intelligence the ability to see and adapt to new situations and solve them. An individual with creative intelligence is able to use innovative thinking and imagination […]

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