Article VIII What does it really mean

Article VIII: What Does It Really Mean? required, nor excessive fines imposed, Excessive bail was borrowed with a few slight changes from the English Bill of Rights Act. The concept of bail in both England and in the United States was never thought as right to bail in all cases, but to provide that bail […]

Business Environment Article

The nature of changing influences on consumer spending and factors that influence the demand and Supply of products or services within the general motors. Introduction The general motors or GM as it is popularly known has been in the providing vehicles for its consumers since 1908 when the company was founded in Michigan. It started […]

Roger Martin’s Article

This is an analysis of Roger Martin’s article entitled, “The U.S. Needs to Make More Jobs More Creative.” The article is dated 27 February 2012. It examines the creativity in the American workforce, and claims that if increased it will improve its competitiveness. Although America is progressing towards achieving the higher level of creativity, it […]

Struggling to Rise in Suburbs

The article Struggling to Rise in Suburbs Where Failing Means Fitting In by Jason DeParle relates how hard it is to live as an immigrant in the suburbs as a teenager. This is seen through the life of Jesselyn, a Latin American descent but was born in the United States. Her parents are poor with […]

Smashing the Clock

The article “Smashing the Clock” by Michelle Conlin discusses benefits and advantages of flexible working hours and what it means to work clockless in Best Buy Company. The central argument is that workers need rest hours and flexible working day as, otherwise, they become restrained and depressed. Even people, who work all day long without […]

Reaction The Akaka Bill

The Akaka Bill article written by Anne Keala Kelly is an in-depth exploration of the federal-recognition bills being pushed by Senator Daniel Akaka. The federal recognition that Akaka bill numbers 1, 2 and 3 wanted to gain were reasoned to protect federally funded Hawaiian programs from lawsuits like Rice v. Cayetano. As if the long […]

Strategy under Uncertainty

The article puts forward a number of highly controversial theses, the majority of which is well-developed and sound. However, some theses should come in for criticism. First of all, the main message of the article makes much sense. Indeed, managers should learn to unleash the power of uncertainty and deal with it using a set […]

Hidden Intellectualism Gerald Graff Rhetorical Analysis

In the article “Hidden Intellectualism” written by Gerald Graff, Graff target college students to inform them about a hidden intellectualism that can be found in our everyday society. In the article Graff draws attention to the many types and ways different people can identify with intellectualism. He argues that people are intelligent in several ways […]

Transformation of the Irs

In the article “Transformation at the IRS”, authors Amy Edmondson and Frances Frei provide an in-depth analysis of the recent transformation that has taken place within the Internal Revenue Service. Their report consisted of a brief synopsis of the problems that the IRS was facing in the late 1980s and 1990s and the solutions that […]


This article from the Time Magazine shows reasons and gives examples of why people think being a father makes men a lesser man. Time Magazine is one of the top magazine agencies in the world. This means that this article has meaningful information to it. The targeted readers are fathers who devote most of their […]

Week Five Judaism

The first of the articles I chose was from The Herald, and came in the form on a interview. The point of this article was to, in a unique albeit abridged way, explain where passover comes from. Both the holiday and the word for the holiday. Passover, the holiday, is the celebration of the Jews […]

Libel Law – College Essay

McNair v Hearst (1974) is a case where a newspaper was found to have published an article with a two paragraph headline indicating that an attorney had received an enormous sum of money in representing a woman in a divorce action. According to the contemporary law, the law of defamation entails the publication of a […]

Decision Analysis

Gilberto Montibeller, Haidee Gummer, and Daniele Tumidei (2006), in their article entitled “Combining Scenario Planning and Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis in Practice,” provides a practical application of the combination of scenario planning and multi-criteria decision analysis in scenarios that require decision support in strategic decisions. In line with this, what follows is an elucidation and analysis […]

Deborah Tannen

In the article “Marked women, unmarked men,” author Deborah Tannen noted the evident bias given to women in almost every facet of human interactions—be these interactions personal, social, or professional in nature. Tannen focused on the political and biological foundations of this gender bias against women, wherein the norm has always been, ‘women are marked. […]

It’s a student life

Dear sir, I am writing with reference to the article entitled “It’s a student life” in the “English in action”. I read your article and I am totally against it. I know that a professional journalist should be documents from multiple sources, before he wrote an article in which teenagers are involved. First of all, […]

Ethnicity, Insurgency, and Civil War

Fearon and Laitin’s article suggests that, while there has been a demonstrable increase in the number of inter-state conflicts, or civil wars, since the end of World War Two, the most obvious hypothetical “causes” of this upswing in inter-state wars can be statistically disproven. Cited among these specious determinants are ethnic and racial diversity which […]

Sun Vampires

The article ‘Sun Vampires’ appeared in The Big Issue in May 1997. The Big Issue is aimed at a wide audience, including the younger generation, and is an effective way to reach the youth through a magazine, including young adults using tanning beds. The Big Issue is sold by the homeless on the street and […]

The Six Hour D

Having no background on what the article “The Six Hour D… and How to Avoid It” by Professor Dewey is about leaves your mind guessing until you get around to reading it. This article is about study habits amongst college students. It discusses how many students claim to have spent a substantial amount of time […]

Article Summary

The article “American Democracy—The Crucial Contradiction” narrates how democracy is a double-edged sword. On one hand, it allows societies to prosper even if it has drawbacks at times. On the other hand, it will also bring demise to societies especially those which fully embrace democracy.

Article Summary

The article is announcing its opening up of the world’s biggest Adidas shoes store in China. Adidas is aiming to overtake its rival Nike, Inc. in Beijing China where the 2008 Olympics is set to open in August, this year.

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