Business Memo (The Army Crew Team)

Recommended Action The key issue is the failure of the Varsity (V) team to perform according to the expectations despite having the best eight rowers, and the cause of the poor performance in the Varsity (V) is the decline in the rowing speed. It is highly recommended that the Coach P take the Junior Varsity […]

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Aspects of Army Command Supply

The sustenance of supply discipline and maintenance of accuracy in accounting for property relies significantly on inventories; therefore, these are instruments that are critical to commanders in the execution of their duties and responsibilities. Change of command, sensitive and annual items are critical inventories that should be conducted for efficient supply discipline. Tracking of assigned […]

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Army Supply Command

The optimal resource allocation is the subject to effective programs that implement measures aimed at preventing misallocation, abuse and wastage. The Army Command Supply Discipline Program (ACSDP) aims at illustrating the significance of optimal resource allocation. The availability of the necessary infrastructure and tools for the implementation, organizing, managing and controlling the Command Supply Discipline […]

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British army at war

“The incompetence of the commanders of the British Army were responsible for the death of his friends”. I agree with this statement, although only to a certain extent, as it is clearly evident from both my own knowledge and also the twelve sources I am using for this topic, that there are many different opinions […]

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Apocalypse Now

For this project I have decided to study one of the greatest Vietnam War films of all time, ‘Apocalypse Now’. The film was completed in 1979 after many problems with the production of the film. They ran into problems such as Martin Sheen having a heart attack as they were filming and great money problems […]

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The Irish Republican Army: Before and After 1968

Nationalist terrorist groups are one of the many forms of terrorism found in modern days. The definition of “terrorism” is difficult due to its changing nature and the many forms in which terrorism manifests itself as. Nationalist terrorism is one such form. Nationalist terrorism is seen to be practiced by groups of individuals that belong […]

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How important was Haig’s role in the successes and failures of the British Army from 1916-1918

In December 1915, Douglas Haig became leader of the British Army on the Western front. How important was Haig’s role in the successes and failures of this Army from 1916-1918? The battle of the Somme was a key battle during the war and the general field Marshall Haig’s leadership was at the center of a […]

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Was there much change in the fighting methods employed by the British Army on the Western Front in the years 1915-1918

During the period of 1915 to 1918 ordinary infantry soldiers existed in a barbaric and hostile atmosphere where they were cold, infested, malnourished and wet, and always living with the fear of sudden death. Intermingled with the intense periods of boredom that the soldiers faced were often gung-ho attempts to capture enemy trenches, which would […]

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The Charge of the Light Brigade – the memory of the great British victory

The poem “The Charge of the Light Brigade” by Alfred Lord Tennyson leaves a lasting vivid memory of the great British victory over the Russians at the battle of Balaklava. He makes the charge on the Russians memorable by the use of technical devices, which shows the courage and unquestionable loyalty of the men and […]

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Light Brigade by Lord Tennyson

In this essay I am going to compare and contrast the Charge of the Light Brigade with two pre 1914 poems, but I am mainly going to use Dulche et Decorum Est. I will however refer to the poem Disabled by Wilfred Owen. I am going to start off by comparing how the authors have […]

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