Compare Aristotle and Locke on private property

John Locke and Aristotle agree that the issue of private property is one of numerous intricacies. However, the philosophers draw dissimilar conclusions on how the earth’s land should be divided amongst people. While John Locke believed in a more individualistic approach to property ownership, Aristotle believed more firmly in a communal approach. Moreover, the two […]

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The Prime Mover

The final cause of a natural object – a plant or an animal – is not a purpose, plan, or ‘intention.’ Rather, it is whatever lies at the end of the regular series of developmental changes that typical specimens of a given species undergo. The final cause need not be a purpose that someone has […]

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Business Communicationsample

Communication is the way in which human thoughts and feelings move one person’s mind to another. Communication skills are among the most important used in business environment. Increasing person’s knowledge, skills and abilities regarding communication will be vital in a professional development. Regardless of knowledge and technical skills from other areas, the ability to communication […]

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Aristotle V Sartre

Does human nature really exist? Is there such thing as life purpose? And how is happiness achieved? These are some of the question that has been puzzling philosophers since the beginning of time. In this essay I am going to explain how the Greek philosopher Aristotle and the more contemporary French philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre related […]

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Man as a Rational Being

Throughout the course of history man has been described as many different things. One of the most famous of these is Aristotle’s definition of man; Aristotle defined man as being a rational animal. According to this definition, rationality is what separates man from all other animals; it is what makes them unique. In order to […]

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Plato Aristotle Comparison

Justice is the topic which has been the main subject of most philosophers; a quick definition for justice could be the quality of being fair and reasonable. A lot of philosophers have written on this subject and have had debates. Two of the most significant ones are Plato and Aristotle, who are two leading figures […]

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King Lear and Antigone as Tragic Hero

Aristotle defines a tragic hero as someone, usually a male, who “falls from a high place mainly due to their fatal flaw. ” During the highest point of the tragic hero’s life, something is revealed to the protagonist causing a reversal in their fortune. This reversal of fortune is caused by the flaw in their […]

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