Business School Application

I got the chance to enroll as a second major Economics as a USC student because I was not allowed to transfer to the Marshall School of Business. I settled in the USC with the hope that I will be allowed to do internal transfer from the second major Economics to USC in the Marshal […]

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Application to International Graduate Program

1. Please explain your understanding of the business function to which you are applying, and give two specific examples of how your skills and experiences will help you succeed (Maximum – 250 words). I am applying for Wholesale Banking department in which I have not only immense experience and knowledge but also passion plus energy […]

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Application of Systems approach In the Process of Completing the Responsibilities of an Academic Leader

The field of education has evolved ever since the time it began. It could not be denied that through the years, all these changes have brought about certain matters of concern into the attention of the different academic leaders trying to keep the balance within the said system of educational integrity. Through finding different comprehensive […]

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Application of Logarithmic Function in Business

The logarithmic function is applicable when modeling business applications. This is because it offers a constant mathematical relationship, constant constraints themes which are set by the administrator for every group of significant factors. Thus, the equation is controlled by the situational constraints. The use of logarithmic function in modeling business applications can be easily established. […]

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Joint Application Design

On the other hand, analysis of documents, which are the secondary documents, involves inspecting of the document when an existing system of developing the software becomes formalized. The data is reliable, and the information, which is usually gathered, is qualitative. This approach is a potent source of information, because it deals with facts from other […]

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How did the development and application of science and technology shape the history of London between 1500 and 1900

Science and technology was instrumental in numerous aspects in London between 1500 and 1900. This is a period that witnessed the rise of numerous scientists at the frontier of medical research to unearth facts that assisted them in formulation of laws. As many doctors embraced science and technology, they undertook to perform an admirable work […]

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Develop a First Aid Application for a Mobile Device

Abstract Reports show that mobile technology application to the health industry can reduce health care costs and improve peoples’ health. This project aims to develop a first aid application for mobile devices. The project will include extensive literature review of works in the discipline as well as conducting a primary research. This will be in […]

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Today’s applications are increasingly mobile. Computers are no longer confined to desks and laps but instead live our pockets and hands. Rapid adaption to smartphones have resulted in the rampant growth of mobile applications Meanwhile, educators strive to facilitate learning by applying mobile technology and appropriate learning strategies. Nowadays mobile devices, such as smartphones, have […]

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The Inspiration Program

The Inspiration program is an application that harnesses the power of the computer in order to assist both the teacher and the students in the learning process. It is basically a visual device that integrates note-taking, research, and project planning tools, all in a simple and user-friendly interface that appeals to learners of all ages. […]

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Theory and Application

As the founder of the school of individual psychology, Alfred Adler is admired as one of the greatest minds in his field.  The Austrian medical professional based his theories on four basic personality types:  Leaning, Avoiding, Ruling and Social Useful.

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