Animals Are Good

cures await discovery. Although the list is pretty much endless, here are some examples, by decade, including the main species used that were crucial to the discovery: Pre-1900: Treatment for rabies (dogs, rabbits), smallpox (cows), anthrax (sheep). 1900s: Cardiac catheterization techniques (dogs, rabbits), treatment for rickets (dogs). 1920s: Discovery of insulin (dogs). 1930s: Development of […]

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Communicaton between animals and humans by Aisha A

l-suleimany (Univers INTRODUCTION The importance of communication between animals cannot be underestimated. Through communication, animals are able to concentrate on finding food, avoiding their enemies, mating and caring for their young. The study of communication between animals and humans is a never ending fascination and a way to learn more about ourselves. The development of […]

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Genetically Modified Animals

Genetically modified animals refer to animals whose genetic material has been altered by use of a genetic engineering or recombinant DNA technology. Genetic modification technology is used for a number of reasons. For instance, in the field of agriculture, most agro-businesses have invested heavily in GMO technology to produce high quality species within a short […]

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Animal Farm: Source of Power

‘The main source of power throughout the novel is the power of words, language and the use of rhetoric. ‘ Discuss the statement referring to the context, characters and events in the novel. The power of words refers to the ability of someone who is in the position of authority to influence or force people […]

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Animal Cruelty

Animal cruelty”What If the Dog could chain you down and kick you to death? ” “A dog can show more love and affection than most humans could. Animal cruelty epitomizes what some of us have been lacking… Compassion, respect and just innocent love for animals and fellow man this proves that mother nature and her […]

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Animal Liberation

Choice persuasive essay I know some people would expect a humorous introduction. Well you know what, there is nothing funny about human and animal liberation. We, the believers of this cause and the worlds future leaders, need to take into account the cruelty in this world and put a stop to it. For those who […]

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Three paragraph summary of “The Animal Farm”

All animals are created equal, but some animals are more equal than others” is a single commandment in animal farm that the selfish pigs made to their own advantage. The novel “Animal Farm” by George Orwell Is about the rebellion of animals that concede their dream to their own leaders. It all started with the […]

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Man Is by Nature a Political Animal

Hobbes argues that “Man is by Nature a Political Animal”. The question that asks itself after this is whether an interpretation targets the intention of Hobbes in defining human as animal; and more importantly, how did this very animal evolve into a social component? Len the introduction of Hobbes’ “Leviathan”, he discusses the State of […]

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Animal Testing in Research

It’s Personal Choice Animal testing has become a big subject of discussion and the controversy about this topic has been always “hot” between scientists and animal protection activists since animal testing had been used in research officially and commonly. No matter what anyone thinks about this, the fact remains that most animal testing is done […]

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This novel shows how people act and respond when power is put into their hands and how human nature will naturally take over bringing trouble. Utopia was first introduced by Sir Thomas More, a northern English Humanist, in 1516 when he defined it as “an ideal, perfect state”. Although one may think utopia meaner “harmony’, […]

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