Disrespect as Instigator of Anger and Respect as a Matter of Honor in “Iliad”

The major act of disrespect, described in the “Plague and Wrath” play, happened when Agamemnon, the ruler of Greek army, selected a young girl Chyriseis as his appropriate prize during raid on local towns (Homer, 2003). Chryses, a local priest of Apollo, happened to be the girl’s father and to get his daughter back, he […]

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Anger couple

The couple came in very angry, the woman named Judith had a hard time not yelling or getting loud when her husband tried to stay as calm as he could without yelling, the exploration stage is trying to dig in and see what the actually problem with both parties, letting the tell their side of […]

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Dementia is a disease which affects the brain

Dementia is a disease which affects the brain. It can affect your memory, thoughts and actions. It is progressive illnesses, which will slowly affect you more.

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