Ancient Greece

What picture do the sources present of life for women in ancient Athens

Ancient Greece is known to have been a very patriarchal society, as this traditional view of women’s inferiority is constantly played throughout history. Even the origin on the word feminine (“fe” from faith and minus) shows the reasoning for the role of women, and contributed to the cultural, biological and religious reasons for the inequalities […]

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Pericles’ Funeral Oration: The Ignored Arrogance

In a while after the Peloponnesian War had broken out, Pericles delivered his famous Funeral Oration to commemorate those troops who had already fallen in battle. Recorded, and probably rewritten by the historian Thucydides, it is one of the primary sources on which our understanding of ancient Athens is based and provides a unique insight […]

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Death and burial

Compare burial practices in Ancient Egypt and Ancient Greece Burial practices in ancient Egypt have some similarities with the practices in ancient Greece. In both kingdoms, burial practices consist of many stages, all culminating in the preparation of the deceased for the afterlife. With the belief of transition into eternal life there is a need […]

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Ancient Greek Racism

This essay sets out to investigate the types and extent of racism and tribalism that existed in Ancient Greece. This is a topic over which there has been considerable debate. Most modern scholarship converges around the belief that racism in its modern form, which is largely concerned with biological, physiological and physiognomic factors, did not […]

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Oedipus and the Gods

In Ancient Greece the existence of gods and fate prevailed. In the Greek tragedy King Oedipus by the playwright Sophocles these topics are heavily involved. We receive a clear insight into their roles in the play such as they both control man’s actions and that challenging their authority leads to a fall.

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