Anarchism: The belief that government and private property should be abolished. Also the concept that people should be allowed to live in free associations, sharing work and its products. Anarchism is essentially an ideology that rejects authority, recognizing it as vehicle that deprives citizens of liberty. Since governments are often associated with authority, it is […]

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Alternative media as a form of anarchism

The Ideas of anarchism have been in existence since the French Revolution but people still are not clear about the expectations of these people (Anarchist), this is because the minds of people have been set to believe that it is a necessity to have government, these people are also the one’s who complain about the […]

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Social Anarchism

In today’s contemporary society, the need for a functional ideology is vital for the success of a nation. This essay will provide in-depth description about one certain ideology but also provide anarchistic arguments for their views. The ideology that will be discussed is Social Anarchism. Social Anarchism is probably the most criticized ideology in today’s […]

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