Symbols Associated with African-American Culture

Every human being belongs to a particular culture. Culture is determined by ancestral origin, language, tradition and custom, cuisine, symbols and religion (Maultsby, 1990). Introduction I identify myself with African American culture. African-Americans are residents or citizens of America with partial ancestry from Africa. Most African-Americans are direct descendants of West African enslaved Africans. African-American […]

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Show how certain selected short stories tell us about aspects

America was formed due to people who traveled along vast stretches of land east to west. These people are known as pioneers. There life’s basically revolved around horses and cattle. The horses played a vital role in American culture as they were used to do most of the important jobs such as pulling carts and […]

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American Life According to Horace Miner

Not less than fifty years ago, one anthropologist named Horace Miner has demonstrated a feat of bravery by coming up with a not so typical description of a group of people known as the Naciremas. In the June 1956 edition of American Anthropologist, he published a paper entitled Body Ritual Among the Naciremas. It is […]

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The Death of a Salesman

If you’ll have a close look on the American culture and analyze its values you will possibly see that being a businessman is one of the vital components of the American dream. Those usually are successful businessman who are called “the self made people” and whose careers are the example to follow for most of […]

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