Allah (God)

Islam is the complete submission and obedience to Allah (God). The name Allah (God) in Islam never refers to Muhammad (pbuh), as many Christians may think; Allah is the personal name of God. What do Muslims believe about Allah? 1. He is the one God, Who has no partner. 2. Nothing is like Him. He […]

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That to your Lord is the final Goal

Rabbaniyyah means Godliness. Based on the Quran, “Be your worshippers of Him Who is truly the Cherisher of all: For you have taught the Book and you have studied it earnestly. ” It is stated that Rabbaniyyah has two aspects. First, godliness of the purpose of life which means all Muslims are obliged to perform […]

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Islam Muslim Religion: Women of the Religion

The word Islam means “submission”, in the religion itself it is the total surrender to God. Islam and Muslim are of the same religion, practicing the same and worshipping the same.

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Jesus Christ – Essay

Most of us know about Jesus Christ and his life. Therefore, I will briefly cover Jesus in this paper. As for Muhammad, I will attempt to shed some light on the subject of this “Messenger of God”. Perhaps a better understanding of this Islamic icon can be obtained and understood through this comparative essay. Both […]

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Jesus and Muhammad Paper

Jesus Christ and Muhammad are the Gods looked upon by all Christians and Muslims as their religious leader. Each religions thoughts and ideas are similar with certain variances. Do Christians and Muslims look upon the same God but use a different name? Jesus Christ

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