Perspectives on Parental Alienation, Child Custody

and Dispute Resolution SystemsPerspectives on Parental Alienation, Child Custody and Dispute Resolution Systems Contested child custody provides many challenges for alternate dispute resolution. With no-fault divorce, and a standard for determining custody in light of the child’s best interest, judges are besieged with a backlog of disputed custody cases without clear and concrete guidelines to […]

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Relationship versus Alienation

: As opposites, relationship andalienation reveal much about character. In Homers The Iliad, Achilles tragic flaw, anger, and his petty pursuit of honor cause his alienation from society. His reconnection comes only after his friend Patroclus dies and he sees that the he has focused his life on trivial rewards rather than love. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- * […]

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Marx and Tocqueville: Alienation and Politics

The influence of political regimes on human life and social existence interested philosophers and politicians since ancient times. Class inequalities, as the main criterion of political hierarchy in the state, were historically accepted as the only true way of governing. Therefore, philosophers analyzed democracy from the various points of view. Marx and Tocqueville consider features […]

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Alienation in Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller

For a post World War II America, the only constant, ironically enough, was change.  Families were torn apart by the death and deprivation of the war, and some others were embarking on a new life, wishing to put the past firmly behind them.

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Alienation and Emancipation

A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings and My Singular Irene depicted in metaphorical detail contemporary expressions of alienation, repression in society today. Both short stories showed the utter excesses the subjugation of an individual to the whims and caprices of persons around them.

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Alienation and Anomie

Both alienation and anomie have been brought up as a basis of studying the fundamental relationship underlying religion. As a comparison therefore, they are basic fundamental conceptions which study the relationship between people and their morals and values. However, they both depict frontiers of contrast. Ideally, development of alienation was by Kart Marx while anomie […]

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