Coordinate Algebra Chapter 1 Vocabulary

Dependent Quantity The quantity that depends on another in a problem situation Independent Quantity The quantity that the dependent quantity depends on Relation The mapping between a set of input values and a set of output values Domain The set of input values Range The set of output values Function A relation between a given […]

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Algebra Chapter 6 AND 7 Vocabulary

Break-even point The point where the cost and income functions are equal. System of Linear Equations When two or more equations define a relationship between quantities. Substitution Method A process of solving a system of equations by substituting a variable in one equation with an equivalent expression. Consistent Systems Systems that have one or many […]

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Machine learning -linear algebra review

matrix definition rectangular array of numbers dimension of matrix number of rows times number of columns matrix numbers x by y is which rows by columns Funny R symbol All matrices of specific dimension Matrix elements entries inside of matrix vector defined as An n x 1 matrix 4 dimensional vector means 4 x 1 […]

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The History of Algebra

The history of algebra has been around for several decades, this method of mathematics has been used during the beginning of time. The development of algebraic notation progressed through out three stages: the rhetorical stage, the syncopated stage, and the symbolic stage with which we are use to using in our daily usage of algebra. […]

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