Airbus Ethics

Ethics in management is concerned with those parts of organizational, operational, occupational and professional conduct that relate to standards and moral principals. It is concerned with human character and conduct, the distinction between right and wrong, and the duties and obligation that exist in all situations. 1. In each of the cases, who benefits and […]

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Airbus Corporation

Airbus began as a consortium of aerospace manufacturers. Consolidation of European defence and aerospace companies around the turn of the century allowed the establishment of a simplified joint stock company in 2001, owned by EADS (80%) and BAE Systems (20%). After a protracted sales process BAE sold its shareholding to EADS on 13 October 2006. […]

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Report on Airbus

Airbus Industrie began as a consortium of European aviation firms to compete with American companies such as Boeing, McDonnell Douglas, and Lockheed. While many European aircraft were innovative, even the most successful had small production runs. In 1991, Jean Pierson, then CEO and Managing Director of Airbus Industrie, described a number of factors which explained […]

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Airbus Analysis

The goal of the following report is to provide a detailed analysis of Airbus using the following analytical tools: PESTEL, Stakeholder, SWOT, Porters Five Forces, VRINE, and Porters model of competitive advantage. In this report I will describe how each analysis supports the decisions of Airbus and helps identify any problems or issues facing Airbus […]

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Project Management

A project has some factors such as unique goals, required outcomes, time, designated budget, specialist resources, client, stakeholders, and degree of complexity. The project management is the discipline of planning, organizing, motivating and controlling resources to achieve special goals. Additionally, to manage a project, sometimes people should find the solutions to the problems. And also […]

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Airbus A380: Project Failure Lessons Learned

It is not very often that we can attribute a project failure directly to a culture that management has tried to change but for political reasons finds it impossible to do so. The project failure at Airbus is one such example. Airbus When Airbus was founded in 1970 two major objectives prevailed. The first was […]

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Reasearch for Airbus Problems and it economic effect on EU

Since the establishment of the commercial airline industry there have been two key players when it comes to the manufacturing of aircrafts. Both Airbus and Boeing have been ruling this industry for the last four decades, in which they have always attempted to achieve a competitive advantage over the opponent.

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  Airbus, the European aircraft manufacturer is giving a tough competition to the American jet airliner company Boeing. Boeing is an airline powerhouse manufacturing world’s best airliners. On the contrary Airbus is a bit player surviving on the supported welfare programs.

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Integrated Modular Avionics

Airbus A380 is a four-engined, double deck airliner that was manufactured by EADS. It has 22 wheels. On April 27, 2005, Airbus A380 took its first flight from Toulouse, France. It could seat up to 800 passengers, there are two available models for A380, the A380-800 and the A380-800F.

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