Modern Technology of Agriculture in Saudi Arabia

Modern Technology of Agriculture plays a vital role in the development of Saudi Arabia, due to upgrading of the infrastructure and plans. Moreover, investment provides a huge market to manufacturer and suppliers. Lack of rain, global warming and limited local labor market are the major factors of the difficulties in Saudi Arabia. However, now the […]

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Balance of Food Production and Conservation

Conservation aims to maintain biological diversity for the benefit of mankind. It involves formulating policies and regulations to protect and maintain populations of wild plants and animals, identifying and preserving habitats in which wildlife can flourish, controlling pollution of the environment and setting up agencies to promote and monitor conservation strategies. However, due to many […]

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Soil Erosion Impact

“The increase in human population to a present day level of over six billion is having an impact on the biosphere that is greater than ever before”. The vast amount of impact is greatly due to three major activities including agriculture, industrialization, and urbanisation. Agriculture being one of the major activities contributing to the impact […]

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The context of the CAP development

1) The context of the CAP development Even before the then European Community (EC) came into existence in 1958, agriculture was a sensitive issue for most European governments. Near-famine conditions in much of post-war Europe made food security a national priority. The centrality of peasant proprietorship in European political culture, the romantic lure of the […]

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The Common Agricultural Policy

The Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) is one of the most important factors affecting farming in the EU. Everything depends on it. The initial aims of CAP were: * To increase productivity and to achieve self-sufficiency * To give all farmworkers a fair standard of living * To keep prices of agricultural products stable * To […]

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Delivering food security through conservation agriculture

Assuring food security has been a central aspect of global governance efforts to promote prosperity, peace and stability. Unfortunately, with the growing population, trade globalization, shifting in food consumption demands, water and natural resources scarcity, instability in the volume of world food aid supply, climate change and desertification on farm land, make the food security […]

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The process of globalization and its impact on agriculture in Africa

Globalisation is the term used to describe the recent impact of innovations in communications and transport systems on trade and the growing interdependence of countries due to economic sophistication and increased output. These innovations have encouraged nations to reduce the high levels of protection between trading blocks of countries and to adopt policies to liberalise […]

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Human Influences On the Environment

Deforestation is the removal of trees and natural vegetation from areas of dense forest or jungle. It is done primarily to obtain space that is essential for agriculture, fuel and building. However, there are many environmental issues that have derived solely from this mass extraction of wood. Wood has always been a primary forest product […]

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Land Management

Land management is the handling of the use and development of the land and its resources in a sustainable manner (both in suburban and urban settings). Most consider the early European settlers to have inflicted more damage on the Australian land than in the following decades. This poor-land management can largely be accounted to the […]

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Firstly, we need to establish the core concept of a pesticide. A pesticide is a group of different chemicals that are specific to kill different types of animal or plant. The three most common types of pesticide are insecticides, fungicides and herbicides. “Pesticides are a chemical or chemicals sprayed onto plants to kill insects and […]

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