Aging – College Essay

Aging: The Different Theories of How it Works This report outlines the main theories of how the process of aging works.Since researchers have not discovered a universally-accepted theory of aging, the theories discussed are potential explanations of how we age.The likelihood of each hypothesis is considered roughly equal. The different theories discussed focus on the […]

The Aging Population

The US will dramatically change in the next 30 years and so will its policies; there will be a new set of challenges that do not only stem from finances but also from an aging population, a declining birth rate and a growing ethnic diversity. Demographic factors Since the 1970’s, the birth rate in the […]

Aging and society

People are getting older – an obvious truth, isn’t it? Everyone ages with the passing of time. But there is another meaning to this unavoidable fact. It is that people’s life expectancy is increasing and there are a growing number of people in the world who live longer than ever before. Average life expectancy has […]

Aging – 1958 words – College Essay

In this assignment I am going to assess the influence of the activity theory and the disengagement theory on social care provision. There are many different services that are available in health and social care such as, Residential homes, bus passes, home help and day centres. All these services are put in place to help […]

Koreas Aging Society

What is the most critical problem that the Korean society faces today? Certainly, there are issues such as the North-South relationship, the nuclear leak in Japan, and the overabundant rainfall. However, one of the most widely discussed topics in the modern Korean society is the decreasing birth rate and the increasing percentage of the older […]

Maturing and Aging

There are a lot of negative associations towards the elderly as far as intelligence is concerned. That is a very narrow minded attitude towards them. I agree with the video that irreversible psychological deterioration is the exception, not the rule, when it comes to elderly intelligence. As we get older our understanding of what is […]

Issues Related to Ageing Population on Workplace

1.Introduction As decreasing birth rates and raised expediency of people have lead to in an ageing population all over the world. By the year 2050, the proportion of persons aged 60 years and older is expected to double, and will account for 21% of the total global population. ( At the same time, birth rates […]

Resources for the Aging Individual

The aging population is an identifiable faction of society with specialized needs and demands that should be addressed by the family, the community, the government, and several other organizations advocating for the welfare of the elderly. Old age disables the aging population to provide for their necessities and neither are their families consistently available to […]

Elderly Care: Attitudes of Nurses

The world is aging; however chronological age may have little relation to the reality of aging. When caring for this group of people nurses must consider culture, ethnic and racial diversities. Elderly clients will expect that the nurse render culturally competent care and one major aim is to help promote independence and help client maintain […]

Aging in a Rural Community

Living and aging in a rural community has many challenges. The aging of America in rural communities has gone from being the prominent lifestyle of American citizens to approximately a quarter of the country living in rural areas. Because elders prefer to remain in their homes and age in place, living in rural communities presents […]

Aging and Disability

Three issues with faced by the aging population would include being discriminated against (also known as ageism), Retirement or no way to find work due to ageism, and social isolation. Ageism refers to how the elderly are discriminated against in many areas of their life. Ageism has a very big influence on the presence of […]

Aging and Disability

Part 1 Identify 2 or 3 issues faced by the aging population 1. Health 2. Job security 3. Lack of respect from the younger youth 1. What is ageism? How does ageism influence the presence of diversity in society? Ageism is a negative bias against a person or group of people on the grounds of […]

Interview: Health Care and John

In an effort to learn about the process of aging and what it means to someone who is considered an older adult, I interviewed a man who is approaching his sixty-seventh birthday in August. For the purposes of this paper, I will refer to the gentleman interviewed as John, a fictitious name in order to […]

Social Theories in Aging

People are grouped into age cohorts, known as age strata. Age is one basis of control over resources, such as allocation of jobs. Age categories change through time based on historical events, biological and social aging. Roles and how you should act, are based upon which age strata you are born into, and how these […]

Disengagement Theory

This is the first formal theory of aging and it was brought forward by Elaine Cumming and William Henry in 1961, and they looked at how society views older people. During their research they found that older people disengaged from society. They argue that older personnel withdraw from society, for example they stop working/retirement, they […]

Understanding Mircodermabrasion

In today’s diversifying and developing world, technological improvements have given people to use it in their own advantages. Seeing this, such can also be applied in the realm of medicine particularly in plastic surgery. Nowadays, people can fight the signs of aging and other harmful effects in the skin. One example of such is Microdermabrasion. […]

Dealing with America’s Fear of Aging and Death

The fear of aging is about the loss of physical strength, mental acuity and the ability to be a productive member of society. And of course death. We all want to remain independent, with the energy to remain active and engaged in life to the very end, rather than deteriorating to the point of incapacity. […]

Disengaged Theory of Aging

The issue topic of the debate regarding to the octogenarians can be explained by the Disengagement Theory of Aging under the psychosocial aspect of aging. Disengagement theory explains that aging is a way of mutual withdrawal in which mutual withdrawal is a process when the adult ones tend to slow down so as to retire […]


Wilhelm Ostwald (n.d.) once said, “In specific circumstances the period of aging decline can set in earlier in a particular organ than in the organism as a whole which, in a certain general or theoretical sense, is left a cripple or invalid”. As a person ages biology and environment can have a variety of affects […]

Aging – the right to live vs. the right to die

The right to live is something that has been integrated into the human consciousness from the moment an individual has acquired his or her own perceptions of morality. However, another right apposed to the right to live has been silently acknowledged and little talked about, the right to die.

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