Shot, Stabbed and Stabbed Again

People say there is no point living sometimes, since there is every chance you could walk down the end of your road, and end up getting shot, stabbed, or beaten up. This could be for something as silly as a post code, or a measly sum of money like £1. 41. But why do young […]

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Aggression Manifested in Sports

Loss of control due to extreme emotions like anger and frustrations affects people’s important values. Loss of control against other people may result to aggressiveness or aggression. “Aggression is the delivery of an aversive stimulus from one person to another, with intent to harm and with an expectation to harm, when the other person is […]

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Aggressive Behavior of Youth in School

Nowadays, aggression among kids and teenagers in their schools are a prevalent problem for parents, classmates and school staff. Usually, class mischief or violence results from misbehaved youngsters, or are so often-called bullies. We have witnessed many of these scenarios in movies and TV shows, but this in fact exists in real life. Some youngsters […]

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The Effect of Television on Preschool Children’s Aggression

Psychological research has found that televised violence has numerous effects on the behavior of children of different ages. These include the imitation of violence and crime seen on television, reduced inhibitions against behaving aggressively, the “triggering” of impulsive acts of aggression, and the displacing of activities, such as socializing with other children and interacting with […]

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Aggression can be defined as intentionally harming, or causing damage to another person or object. People are usually more aggressive when they are placed in stressful situations. Aggression takes many forms, although it is most obvious when a person physically lashes out at another person. Verbal aggression involves shouting or screaming insults, an example of […]

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Observation on aggression and gender differences in playground

Aggression and violence are two common terms normally associated to adults and teenagers. The two items stated require physical capacity and certain degree of negative emotion that lead to adversity. These stereotyping secludes one stage of human development on having the ability to attain such characteristics. This stage pertains to childhood. Children’s vulnerability and innocent […]

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How Can Aggression Be Minimised

This essay discusses how aggression can be minimised with reference to three theories of aggression. These theories are discussed in the main body of the essay with regard to the context of reducing aggression, followed by a discussion of findings and ideas for future research. The first theory is aggression as a biological phenomenon, the […]

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Aggression in Children

Anger and aggressive feelings are unavoidable for all of us – children and adults. These emotions play a big role in early development and cannot be swept under the rug. Anger is an essential part of the human drama. It is as important to psychological growth as love and warmth. As long as angry and […]

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Workplace Violence

1. What is workplace violence?! It is the violence or the threat of violence against workers. It can occur at or outside the workplace and can range from threats and verbal abuse to physical assaults and homicide, one of the leading causes of job-related deaths. Workplace violence is a growing concern for employers and employees […]

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Aggression at Home, in the Workplace, and in Schools (Social Psychology)

One of the most sough social problems in any society is aggression. It inflicts pain and/or damage to places where interaction is present like at home, in the office or even in schools. It hinders positivity for people to develop a normal and positive social life.

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