Company History, Development and Growth

Staysafe Security Agency aspires for manageable development as a wide market leader in security guard and surveillance services as well as for dominance in major service markets. In both situations, the Staysafe services will have to do critical roles. Staysafe Security Agency has the capability to establish its dominance in security guard and surveillance service […]

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Explain the ways in which the contract of agency may be constituted

To talk about the contract of agency, firstly the definitions of contract and agency are requited. According to Gloag (W.Green, 1929), ‘contract is an agreement which creates or is intended to create a legal obligation between the parties to it.’ And it’s a really important part in the business, commonly known as legal lynchpin of […]

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Agency in Law

Since the agency is created in many ways we find that under the case of Chad and Hamish this agency was formed by necessity, through which the law indicates that an authority may be conferred by law where an agent has acted by reason of a genuine emergency with a view to protecting his principal’s […]

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Agency Analysis Part

Throughout this experience in immersing myself with the center, the staff and the children and parents enrolled in the center, the author had been exposed to different types of people which have changed theoretical and classroom-generated perceptions at times into myths and others into reality.

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