Aesthetic Experiences and Judgments

The world is full of wonderful things that surround the universe. Each single living or non living things has identity but also it has common factor to the rest of other thing that surrounds it. Also notice that single thing is called in accordance to its identity and has its comparison to things other than […]

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Aesthetic theories of Kandinsky

The most intriguing, fascinating beautiful art creations have been completely left out of art history except as examples to show what art is not. That is abstract art.

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Aesthetic procedures

Aesthetic procedures are cosmetic techniques which generally include both surgical and non-surgical methods aimed at enhancing the imperfections of the human skin.

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Aesthetic Paper

Aesthetics is the philosophy of beauty, perception and art. It was once part of other philosophical subjects, epistemology and ethics.(Sheppard) However, discussion and study of beauty and art requires much evaluation and analysis. Hence a separate account was established to focus more on the metaphysics of beauty and art.

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