Public Interest Litigation

Public Interest Litigation is a good thing when it is used to enforce the rights of the disadvantaged. But it has now been diluted to interfere with the power of the government to take decisions on a range of policy matters Judicial activism is not an easy concept to define. It means different things to […]

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Advocate, Mediator and Lobbyist

The role of advocate is very important in professional and private life as advocate help people to obtain and maintain the necessary opportunities and changes in career, legal issues, and other problematic moments. The primary role of advocate is to ensure that all human rights are protected and respected, and their needs should be recognized. […]

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Roles of Mediator and Advocate

As a person who may face conflicts between two or more parties, you can serve as a mediator or an advocate. These roles seem to be the same but they have different powers and limitations.

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Advocate with knowledge of dance program as power for the art form

The human brain responds to different modes of learning approaches. The ways by which informations are presented to the human mind is a multiple of choices that as separate individuals, people also respond to different types of teaching approaches as well.

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