Advertising Industry

The aim of this proposal is to show the interaction between advertising and consumer behavior, how they influence one another and the extent which a good advertisement can change consumer behavior. Advertisement, being a form of communication that is meant to influence consumer’s behavior, is a very efficient way of persuading consumers to buy certain […]

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Business Marketing and Advertising

The key factors that determine the success of a business in both local and international market is the development of a sustainable competitive advantages in local markets. Moreover, advertisements and positioning in local market has as well been incredibly decisive in the success of multinational businesses in the contemporary competitive market. The prosperity of a […]

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Business ethics: products and advertising

Business ethics has in some cases been referred to as an oxymoron (Collins, 1994) this means that it brings together 2 contradicting concepts. This applies that there cannot be any ethics in the world of business. However this is a misplaced definition that most businesses will want to believe in so as to eliminate their […]

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Advertising’s Fifteen Basic Appeals

Advertising is an art that employs different approaches in winning the attention of the customer and, subsequently, the decision to buy. Every ad is a variation of the other and often represents basic appeals that target the customer. This is an analysis on two ads. Using the research done by the psychologist Henry Murray, Fowles […]

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Advertising and Marketing

Part A The term integrated marketing and communication is widely used to refer to an appropriate approach given towards achieving business objectives through a thorough market campaign in marketing or business advertisement. It also ensures a well-coordinated usage of different methods that involve promotion and any other means that can be used as reinforcement. It […]

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Media agencies come of age

Advertisers now position media agencies upstream from creative agencies Remember Surf’s Lalitaji campaign or the Liril girl campaign? These were two of the landmark campaigns in Indian advertising history, which till date have top-of-the-mind recall. Lintas (now Lowe) was the advertising agency that conceptualised and executed both campaigns. They did the creative and the copy. They […]

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Sex appeals in advertising

Sex. Seems like everybody’s doing it. And it’s ever so tempting to add some sexual spice to your visuals, voice, or vocabulary. Ruth (1976) founds that sex sells in advertising. He stated that it is one of the fundamental driving forces of human nature. Sex appeals in advertising now include eye-catching male models as well […]

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Critical analysis of an advertisement

Advertising plays a big role in today’s society and producers know all too well that the best way to sell a car, a tube of toothpaste, or a cartoon of hair dye is to appeal to consumer’s anxieties and aspirations. In 1957, Vance Packard’s book ‘The Hidden Persuaders’ generated no end of controversy with its […]

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IPad Advertising Plan

Eclectic Advertising has created an advertising campaign that will ensure the successful launch of Apple’s newest product the iPad in to the market. In order to do so, Eclectic Advertising had to come up with a new approach to Apple’s brand image and identity without compromising the core brand associations. It was essential to carry […]

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Who will prevent the Fair and Handsome Advert from being shown in the UK

Some companies are in order to maximize their profit by launching the unethical advertisement can be commonly found today. One of the major factor is these companies have lack of understanding in country’s culture. Fair and Lovely is a branded product of Hindustan LTD (HLL) which has large market share in India by selling skin […]

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