BMW Advertisement

In the advertisement (on the PowerPoint presentation) on the first slide, the advert starts by giving the viewer a glimpse of the initial design sketches made by an artist. In so doing, the viewer is able to perceive the ecstasy in seeing the design process (BMW i8 Concept, 2012). This is followed by an introductory […]

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Elaboration Likelihood Model

Atelophobia is the fear of imperfection and it is this human condition that many of today’s advertisements are geared upon affecting. While the majority of people will not likely claim to be perfectionists, it is clear that nobody wants to be disliked or alienated by others. It is this desire of inclusion that propels people […]

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Critical analysis of an advertisement

Advertising plays a big role in today’s society and producers know all too well that the best way to sell a car, a tube of toothpaste, or a cartoon of hair dye is to appeal to consumer’s anxieties and aspirations. In 1957, Vance Packard’s book ‘The Hidden Persuaders’ generated no end of controversy with its […]

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What is the cultural significance of advertising

The two texts given by Dallas Smythe and Raymond Williams both are about advertising. My task is to do a comparative analysis of popular culture focusing on advertising. I will explain the focus point of the texts and support my analysis by using quotes from the texts. According to Smythe, ‘the audience commodity is a […]

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Brainwashing America’s Youth Through Advertisements

In his essay “On Reading a Video,” Robert Scholes states that advertisements, such as commercials, need to be analyzed in schools (467). He believes that video texts in particular portray the ideologies ingrained in American society and thus are rich resources for students to study because they reveal much about their American culture. Commercials are […]

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The Analysis and Evaluation of an Advertisement

The first segment discusses the ad in the context of consumer behavior. In this segment, the audience targeted by the advertisement is inferred, and the factors that are likely to affect the group’s purchasing habits are discussed. A comprehensive description of the target market is broken down according to the traditional bases for segmentation and […]

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The harmful effects of advertising to children

Advertising aimed at children is nothing new-remember “Trix are for kids”? But in today’s society, the under-thirteen age group is being seduced into consumer culture in increasingly harmful yet subtle ways. Marketers easily influence children’s values by stressing the importance of brand name awareness, which in turn promotes status craze. The theory of conspicuous consumption […]

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Unethical advertising uses falsehoods to deceive the public, ethical advertising uses truth to deceive the public

Deception, in modern day advertising is practiced in many forms. Rebates, inflated price comparisons, introductory offers, misrepresentations, fillers and oversized packing and non-existence of required information about the product. Should, then, the consumers accept deception as reality and live with it? Or should they speak up and do what they can to prevent advertisers from […]

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How does the advertisement for ‘Vo5 Fade Defy’ appeal to its target audience

The purpose of any television advertisement is to either sell or promote a product; this is by showing the product and its effects. They can do this by attaching the idea of feelings and emotions to a brand name or product. The targeted audience of this advert would preferably be women, as the idea of […]

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Analaysing an advert for dior perfume “pure poison” from the magazine “eve”

The advertisements for Dior, which is on the back page of the September, issue of “Eve” magazine, uses a glossy photograph of a model, an ambiguous product name, to promote their new perfume. The advert uses a few simple words with alliteration and repetition and a striking close up photo of a young woman’s face. […]

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