Adoption of New Technology Systems

The development and implementation of new information management systems has become one of the definitive features of present-day health care system. New health information systems have profound impacts on the entire health care continuum. Nurses are the first to perceive the beneficial effects of new technologies and, at the same time, display resistance to the […]

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The Battle of Opened or Sealed Adoption Records

“Dec. 17, 2007, Claudia Washburn feels like something has been stolen from her: her past. Washburn’s search for her biological parents has been hampered by her inability to obtain access to her original birth certificate, she said. ”(Byrne) There are many more like Claudia Washburn, who are trying to find out about her identity but […]

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Adoption Is Positive Experience in Life

Adoption is an opportunity most people look down upon, when in fact it takes a very strong and admirable person to adopt a child. Adoption is promising to assume all responsibilities for taking care of someone else. When a person decides to adopt a child, they take on a responsibility to raise a child that […]

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Lesbian Families

Adoption is an extremely sensitive subject,(insert dash) especially for individuals who are Gay or Lesbian. There is much controversy on the topic. There are a variety of ways to which it isn’t possible for a couple to adopt. Infertility is becoming a greater problem in our time. In Gerald P. Mallon’s article, “Assessing Lesbian and […]

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Gay Adoption

Imagine for a moment that you are the loving foster parent of a 10 year old boy that you’ve raised since infancy. You consider him your son and are willing and able to adopt this child and have also proven your competency to do just that. Homosexuals have always faced discrimination, mostly for religious purposes, […]

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Definition of Adoption

Adoption, is a noun taken from the Latin word Adoptio. It is used in the context of politics and everyday life, it could also signify acceptance of certain situations, usually related to law or politics. The term “adopt a policy” for example, means to willingly accept a certain way of doing things. The word is […]

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