Spain’s Transition to the European Union

Over the last 35 years Spain has developed from an agricultural and rural country into a flourishing nation with a diversified economy made up of a strong manufacturing and service sector. During the 1960’s and the early 1970’s the growth of the Spanish economy was 7% per annum with a per capita income of on […]

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Special Populations and Exercise Prescription Health

Health and fitness today, are seen to have much more impact on our lifestyles than ever before, with its benefits no longer confined to budding sports enthusiasts and professionals. The use of exercise to improve function, relieve symptoms and maintain a state of well being are a concept which, more so now than ever, have […]

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Application and Evaluation of SSM as a Problem Solving Methodology

1) Introduction: Soft system thinking is a form of systematic thinking that understands realities as the creative construction of the human beings (Jackson, 1999). It generates and works with an evolving appreciation of the people’s point of view and intentions. Hence, the soft system thinking is concerned with a situation as they are defined through […]

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Analysis of Marketing Promotional Strategies of London Dungeons

The Market Department who are a team that works for London Dungeons in order to ensure that the firms brand identities are maintained through the use of communication They do this by creating brand awareness and identified their target market that are, and potential market and the use of visual representation of the brand i.e. […]

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This exhibition is Madame Tussaud’s

1. Section one 1.1 Introduction For this report it will explain about an exhibition which was first created in the UK/Scotland, and it developed between 1802 until now. This is one of the exhibitions that attract tourism from different countries, therefore it is climacteric to this country especially to the leisure and tourism industry, because […]

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Are Repressed Memories Valid

After reading both arguments, I came to two major conclusions: first, there seems to be inherent differences in what the experts were in fact debating; and secondly, in arguing whether or not repressed memories exist remains not only a possibility but an enigma of how little we still understand about the complexities of the mind. […]

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The importance of drama to fifth century BC Athenian society

Drama has played various significant roles in 5th century BC Athenian society. With its origins dating back to ancient Greece, drama had its humble beginnings as a state festival in Athens, honouring the god Dionysus, god of wine, agriculture, and fertility of nature. Although during the 5th century BC, Athenian theatre was still very much […]

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Kimberly Peirce’s 1999 film, Boy’s Don’t Cry – critical review

On the surface, Kimberly Peirce’s 1999 film, Boy’s Don’t Cry appears to be an archetypal feminist text on lesbianism. Feminism, however; does not exist in a vacuum and the film does not fit neatly into any one particular application of feminist thought. Indeed, I chose this particular film precisely because it articulates several contentious issues […]

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The interaction and interventions used with the service user

This assignment is intended to discuss a case assigned to myself whilst on placement and use an analytic stance to discuss the interaction and interventions used with the service user. Within this case study I will aim to describe and analyse the practice, theories and values that have emerged by carrying out this piece of […]

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Nursing management of a chronic illness – diabetes type II

The impact of diabetes mellitus is manifold and adapting to and managing diabetes has been described as a fine balancing act (Lubkin & Curtin, 1990). It involves balancing the demands of diabetes management with the desire to live a ‘normal’ life. This is an intricate process, requiring compromises between self-control and professional expertise. It is […]

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