How Christians would respond to the issue of abortion and euthanasia

Abortion is the deliberate ending of an unborn child in the womb of its mother and is offered to any pregnant women who wishes to terminate the baby, but to Christians it is wrong in to allow an abortion and Christians also campaign to stop abortion being so freely offered to people of any cases. […]

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Abortion Ethics

Every year, fifty million abortions take place worldwide. Abortion, the methodical closure of a human pregnancy, remains a highly debatable issue in modern society. This controversy is philosophically based on the origins of two ends, pro-life, and pro-choice. Support for abortion comes from pro-choice perspectives, claiming that all women deserve free rights, whereas opposition comes […]

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The different ways Christians might respond to Abortion and Contraception

In this essay I am going to write about the views different views that are taken with regards to Abortion and Contraception. I will write what the different churches feel about the subject and what their response to it is. Abortion: What is Abortion? This takes place when a growing foetus is removed from its […]

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Abortion and Euthanasia

Abortion is the termination of a pregnancy before the baby is born. Their are two types of abortion, these could be either by deliberate termination or miscarriage. However when people talk about abortion they refer to the intentional removal of a fetus before it develops and is born. Euthanasia is the deliberate killing of a […]

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How Christians might put their beliefs about abortion into action

There are several ways in which Christians may put their beliefs about abortion into action. Christians who do not really have a clear view on whether they are for abortion or not may pray to God and ask for his guidance. Christians who are against abortion may pray to God to save the foetus’s and […]

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What is meant by abortion

Abortion can mean 2 things; firstly, a spontaneous abortion. This is natural and is unavoidable. The second one is an artificial abortion and is the deliberate killing of an unborn human being using an artificial procedure. The Christian belief of the sanctity of life is at each human being (from the point of conception) is […]

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How Christians belief, including the Bible affects the Christian attitude to Abortion

Christians refer to their faith when they are required to make a moral decision where there is a right or wrong action to be taken. Abortion is one of the most difficult experiences a human can go through. Abortion refers to the ‘expulsion of the foetus from the womb’ Christians believe that human life is […]

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What is meant by the word abortion

An abortion is technically any death of a baby in the womb, and its expulsion from the mother’s body (when this happens naturally this is sometimes called a miscarriage), however, what most people mean when they talk about “an abortion” is a procured abortion. This is when the life of the foetus is deliberately terminated […]

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Moral Issues – Abortion: Guidelines

Abortion is the premature expulsion of the foetus from the womb. Some abortions occur naturally because a foetus does not develop normally or because the mother has an injury or disorder that prevents her from carrying the pregnancy to term (a miscarriage), but also operations can be done to deliberately terminate the foetus. The question […]

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What Christians believe about life is up to them

The Christian view of life is based on the Sanctity of Life. The Sanctity of life is the religious perspective. Sanctity means being sacred or holy. Therefore life is ordained by God and is very special to him. Each person is separate, and thus has rights, especially the right to live. We are all created […]

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