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List 1-5 safety rules to observe when using the table saw. 1. Wear eye protection2. No loose clothing3. No long sleeves4. The blade should only stick 1/8 inch above wood5. Be sure the blade is sharp and it is the proper blade for your job
List 6-10 6. Adjust the saw only when stopped7. Have a proper stance and position for what you are cutting8. Have a firm grip on the wood9. Never reach over a running saw blade10. Never clear scraped away from the blades with your fingers, use a stick and b
List 11-15 11. fasten a proper clearance block for duplicate parts12. Get assistance when you need it13. Use a push stick when ripping material less than six inches wide14. When using the fence, be sure that it is locked properly15. Never look up or talk to
List 16-19 16. When you are finished with the saw, lower the blade below the table17. Never pull a piece of wood back through a running saw blade18. Make sure nobody is standing in the kick back area behind the saw19. Use guard whenever possible
List the six main parts of the table saw. Blade, table, throat plate, blade tilting wheel, blade raising wheel, fence, arbor
List four different types of blades for the table saw. Cross cut, ripping, combination, plywood, dado
Which blade is recommended for the home shop or cabinet making shop, and why? Carbide tip blade because it eliminates having to change the blades constantly.
Tell three different ways to cut several pieces the same length, while measuring once for each. Measure and markStop blockUsing a modified story stick
When should a push stick be used? When ripping materials less than six inches
Which side is up when cutting plywood, and why? The good side should be up because of the way the blades preform during cutting operations. It will help prevent feathering and splintering on the good side.
What is the control area when using the fence. The control area is between the rip fence and the blade. This is where kick back can occur.
Explain in detail how to set the fence for an exact rip. Lift up the locking handle and move fence to desired length on guide tape measure. Lock down rip fence and check width with your tape measure, measuring from rip fence to inside tooth of saw blade.
Explain how to set up to cut a 45 degree angle with the miter gauge and how to check its accuracy. Loosen locking knob on miter gauge, turn face to 45 degrees, lock knob. Move rip fence over to miter gauge and check angle with speed square, adjust if needed. Move fence out of the way and begin to cut.
List three advantages of a cut off box. It is fast, convenient, and accurate
Draw a miter joint, a dado joint, and a rabbet joint.

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