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Industrialization has led to almost all companies shift from manual file systems to computerized file systems.

Many companies have reduced paper work through erecting an Information Technology (IT) department in their companies industries. The IT directors are responsible in assisting the whole system to become computerized and hence increase efficiency. The IT directors, depending on the nature of industry buy application software’s that will fit the nature of activities carried out by the particular industry (Winter, 2000).As a director of IT, to be effective in IT application in the industry I must work closely with finance and management department to ensure efficiency. Efficiency can only be achieved if there is effective communication with the concerned department.

The finance department in plastic manufacturing industry is involved in controlling all revenue, purchases, sales and overall financial issues that concern the manufacturing company. Management control department coordinates all the departments in the manufacturing company to ensure that the company continues to produce the quality of plastic papers that the market demands.Management department also coordinate the administration and the employees for the continuity of the company. Management department in general is concerned with coordination of all departments to evaluate the efficiency of the company.

With industrialization, many companies have shifted from manual book keeping and are using computerized book keeping. In finance department, some of the functions that are available in the plastic manufacturing company include, doing annual stock count which include fixed asset and current asset counting and doing asset reconciliation using physical count and recorded data.The finance department control revenue through drawing balance sheets, income statements and trial balances. As the IT director, I must learn how the finance department deals with data so as to invent way of increasing efficiency in the given company and especially the finance department. The accounting procedure used by finance department from vital beginning for the understanding of the level of IT application. The company runs computerized accounting hence as the director I have to learn the basic accounting to be able to assist improved efficiency.

As the director of IT, I have to aware of the competitor’s IT application in their manufacturing through research. This include all the financial and management IT application in the competitor company. To promote effective communication between IT, financial and management department have to put up internet. Through the internet, there will be improved communication between departments and between management and employees so as to ensure efficiency in manufacturing processes. With IT application development, most companies use SAP software in their accounting, controlling stock, human resource management and other functions.

As the director of IT, I am responsible for introducing IT development in the company. This is especially important in ensuring efficiency in manufacturing processes and administration functions so as to remain competitive. The finance department which forms the core of the manufacturing industry should embrace the technological developments that are invented. Being an IT director involves a continuous learning and research to ensure the company IT development is at par with the competitors The finance department personnel especially should learn the new invention in IT technology that concern them.The personnel must learn how to use SAP software. The SAP software is very essential as it ensures accuracy in ledgers and maintains complete audit trial for all business transactions.

The SAP software will assist in monitoring, sharing and tracking financial information throughout the manufacturing company-SAP software been new in the market is very sensitive and hence finance and management personnel must learn how to use it to reduce errors which can lead to closure of email account in relation to the software use.The manufacturing company needs pre-written SAP software that is available in the SAP business software market. The software will then be programmed by the manufacturer according to instructions provided about the plastic manufacturing company plant including the information of the branches of the company. The SAP software will assist in providing overall performance of the manufacturing company including its branches.

The SAP software will be run through a protected website of the company because the information available in the SAP is confidential (Kim, Koo and Lee, 1999).

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