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This restaurant started on 2004 and it was started by Mr.. Andrew Santos, owner of the restaurant. He started the business In order to have a restaurant in Valuable. He used the opportunity to start the business with a small capital and a small venue. But now, Table restaurant Is one of the popular restaurants In Valuable. The owner of Table restaurant offer reservations for different occasions like birthday, debut, wedding, baptism etc. This restaurant has a maximum capacity of 250 seats and minimum of 30 seats for reservations and it opens everyday am to am.

Tiebreak restaurant is using a traditional system of reservation and they do it manually. In terms of billing, the owner of Tiebreak restaurant is accepting down payment of 30% before the event has started. After the event the owner will collect the remaining balance through cash or credit cards. Tiebreak restaurant make foods base on the demand of the customers or in the occasions. They also offer some popular Filipino foods like sigh, adobe, etc. This restaurant has sound systems that the customer can sites to music while enjoying their stay In restaurant.

They have a clean environment and It Is surrounded by trees that can make the customer feel comfortable to their System for Tiebreak Restaurant because there was a need for a web-based have an easy and precise data gathering from the customers. The proponents would also benefit from the proposed system because it enhanced their skills and knowledge in programming using Microsoft Visual Studio 2010, Myself Server, and Adobe Photos 5. 5. 1. 2 Statement of the Problem Tiebreak restaurant is one of the popular restaurants in Valuable City.

Despite of being one of the popular, they also encounter problems within their system. They encounter problems like managing the records of the transactions made with the customers. This problem is commonly encountered by most of restaurants that has a reservation. Sometimes that problem is being occurred by the human and the surroundings. For example, sometimes the user didn’t keep the records to its place because of a lot of customers were being lined up. After that, the file will be lost due o environment and can be damaged by natural disasters like flash floods.

Tiebreak has been running for about nine years and still running. As time goes by, the files and data being gathered are being piled up, files being gathered are getting bigger. As the files are getting bigger, you have to look for space to put all the files that are gathered. Some other company have their archive where they put all their files that have something to do with the company’s transactions, agreements, etc. Tiebreak has been holding files and transactions since 2004, so files are getting bigger.

Therefore, when the files are getting bigger, the more it is harder to browse files. For example, the user maybe having difficulties of looking for the file because of it is being damaged or misplaced or sometimes, customers are being lined up, the user will be having a hard time to look for the records of the customers by Just him/ her. 1. 3 Significance of the Study This part of the study discusses about the significance of creating the system to the panelists. This study will be helpful to the students, which will serve as a basis of reference for conducting research study. 3. 1 Technological Significance The proposed system will introduce technology to the company that are now become accustomed of manual method of reservation and billing system. The result will be beneficial to the following: Restaurant – the proposed system will simplify and automate the everyday task of the restaurant, especially reservations and billing. Owner – the proposed system will make it easier for the owner or manager to manage, organize data that are being gathered from the customers. And it’s easier for the owner to look for the reports.

Staff – the staff can benefit a lot from this study, because they are an essential part of why this study is conducted is to provide a restaurants’ need to serve them. 1. 3. 2 Economical Significance The proposed system will significantly change their economic situation. In terms of billing, the system has a built-in computation of the expenses that the customers have accumulated in their inquiry. So, the billings will be more accurate. The productivity of the restaurant will be higher than usual. It can get information from the customers more accurate. . . 3 Educational Significance This will benefit other researchers who wish to have a similar study, as they can get background information from the result of this study which will serve as template to modify their research. 1. 4 Scope and Limitations The proposed system was a Web-based Reservation and Billing System for Tiebreak Restaurant; a reservation system where the system provides easy and precise information gathering; a billing system is important for keeping track of bills and payments to and from customers and suppliers or other businesses.

Many revise and software programs exist to handle billing matters. Regularly using one of these services or programs can help you keep billing records and information up- to-date. The proposed system also had a database where the company can monitor the information being gathered. The proposed system also included a brief history of the company, location, and some photos of the restaurant. The customers can also email or call the company for verifications of their reservation request. The proposed system doesn’t cover online payment such as Papal and Visa.

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