Synthasis Dehydration reactions

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Polymers macro molecules(molecules that attain an enormous size)
molecules made of a repetitive series of identical or similar subunits(ex:Starch is a polymer made up of 3,000 glucose monomers) Monomers
Dehydration synthesis(condensation) living cells use this process to join monomers together to form polymers;removes a hydrogen(–H) from a monomer and a hydroxyl(–OH) group from another which produces water as a by-product..the 2 monomers join bycovalent bond and repeat and added to chain
Hydrolysis chemical breakdown of a compound due to reaction with water; water molecule ionizes into OH- and H+, cell breaks covalent bond linking 1 monomer to other and adds H+ to 1 monomer and OH- to the other one; chemical digestion consists of hydrolysis
Decomposition molecule is broken down;chemical energy is released:AB–>A+B
Synthesis atoms or molecules combine; energy is absorbed for bond info:A+B–>AB

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