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I was born and raised In Nairobi,Kenya. L stayed with both my parents when I was young until the time I got to high school is when my father went to the united States to work. As far as family is concerned, I have two younger brothers. Being the first born, I have always had this pressure on me that I was supposed to set a good example for my younger brothers to follow. I have grown up knowing the importance of having education. Though both my parents never went to college they worked hard in giving us the best and Just making sure that we got educated.

I reasonably am an inventor kind of person. The Myers-Riggs thing that we did in class was actually spot on and I am really impressed. I would say that the explanation given on the category I placed in (.NET) was very much true of who I am. I have an “expressive” and outgoing social attitude. I am Intensely curious and continuously probe for possibilities,especially concerning complex problems In every day life. I am also very reluctant to do things in a particular manner Just because this Is the way things have always been done.

I always have an eye out for a better way,always on he lookout for new projects,new activities,new procedures. Most of the times I find myself ignoring the standard,the traditional,the authoritative. “It can’t be done” is always a challenge to me and elicits a reaction of “l can do it”. L have an entrepreneurial spirit and can cleverly make do with whatever or whoever is at hand,counting on their capability to solve problems as they arise,rather than generating a detailed blueprint in advance. I can succeed In a variety of occupations,as long as the Job does not involve too much routine,at which point I become restless.

I am non-directive In handling of others,and will take charge of satellites only when forced by circumstances. No matter what my occupation Is, I am seldom conformist In the workplace. If my Job becomes dull and repetitive, I tend to lose interest and fail to follow through. Sometimes I may even work against the system just for the joy of holding the upper hand. Inventors have always been known to engage in brinkmanship with their superiors,placing their own careers in jeopardy and behaving as if unaware of the consequences. I have a lively circle of friends and am always interested in their ideas and activities.

I am normally easy- going,seldom critical or nagging. I have a great sense of humor and this always interests my friend that I usually hang around with. I laugh easily and like to make debates with friends,sometimes to their disadvantage even if they are my closest friends. I like a mate that is intellectually competitive as this will bring a sense of “we are In the same boat”. I tend to have all sorts of hobbles and I Just do not seem to find a specific one that Interests me more. I seldom share my hobbles with friends or family as I Like doing them by myself.

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