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What scientific question is best addressed by this experiment?
Does tanning result in increased DNA damage in skin cells?

the length of time the cells are exposed
What is the independent variable in this experiment?

1. a non-random result
A significant result from a scientific study indicates?

If evidence does not support the hypothesis, then alternative hypotheses may be tested,
or the hypothesis could be judged false and rejected.

If there is evidence to support the hypothesis, then it is accepted until further testing
suggests otherwise.

What conclusions can be drawn from an experimental test of a hypothesis?

Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of all life?

Neutron – Carbon – Phospholipid – Cell Nucleus – Seed – Plant
Within a single organism, rank the following items from SMALLEST to LARGEST:
Plant, Cell Nucleus, Phospholipid, Neutron, Seed, and Carbon.

running to class when you are late
Which of the following is NOT related to homeostasis?

A chemical bond is an energetic attraction between atoms.
Which statement best describes chemical bonds?

Carbon forms a high-energy bond when ADP is converted to ATP.
Which of the following statements about carbon is NOT true?

polar covalent; hydrogen
In a water molecule, hydrogens are bonded to oxygen by a _________ bond, while
neighboring water molecules are held together by __________ bonds

Water is a polarized molecule, where the oxygen is slightly positive and the
hydrogens are slightly negative.
Which of the following statements about water is FALSE?

Carbohydrates store energy and provide structural support.
Which of the following organic polymers are best matched to their function in cells?

They cannot do cellular respiration.
Which of the following statements about autotrophs is false?

short-term energy to power cellular functions

long-term energy storage

production of building blocks to make cell structures

packaging stored energy in seeds to fuel early development

Light energy is captured by autotrophs to make chemical energy for what purpose?

carbon dioxide in the air
Wooden furniture is heavy. Excluding water (because the wood in furniture is
dried), where did most of that weight come from when that wood was part of a tree?

The active site of an enzyme is versatile and adapted to work with different
Enzymes are one type of protein. Which of the following statements is false?

Fat, Glucose, ATP, ADP
Rank the following molecules by how much energy they store from HIGHEST
energy to LOWEST energy: ATP, ADP, Glucose, Fat.

Random movement of molecules and atoms are a form of potential energy
Which of the following statements about energy is FALSE:

The chemical reactions in photosynthesis and respiration transport _____________
between molecules, making and breaking chemical bonds.





What parts of algae cells can be harvested and used as an energy source?

Because only a small amount of ATP energy is generated from glucose during

Because oxygen is required during respiration as an electron acceptor in order to
break down glucose to carbon dioxide.

Compared to aerobic respiration, why does fermentation generate less ATP from

More atmospheric CO2 results in more kinetic energy reflected back into space.
Which of the following statements about the Greenhouse Effect is FALSE?

Lipid (phospholipid)
Name this macromolecule and mark which of the two “parts” is hydrophobic
and which is hydrophilic.

What kind of macromolecules are enzymes?

Burning fossil fuels releases carbon dioxide gas

Large-scale production of cattle or other ruminants releases carbon
dioxide gas.

Deforestation and burning forests releases carbon as carbon dioxide.

Rice agriculture in flooded fields release methane gas.

Concrete production releases carbon dioxide gas.

Any other reasonable source not mentioned in textbook is OK, too.

Identify four human activities that increase levels of greenhouse gases.

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