Switching Technologies and VLAN Concepts

What is the main purpose of a VLAN?
to improve network performance by separating large boardcast domains into smaller ones.
What is IEEE 802.1Q?
frame tagging to use on trunk lines
What is the purpose of VTP?
provides a way to automatically update switches with new or modified VLAN information.
What is the purpose of STP?
allow redundant switched networks without worrying about switching loops
An out of the box switch has how many VLANs by default?
One (1)
List some reasons for using VLANs:
1. Grouping users by department instead of physical location
2. Segmenting devices into smaller LANs to reduce processing overhead for all devices on the LAN
3. Reduces the workload of STP by limiting a VLAN to a single access switch
4. Enforces better secuity by isolating sensitive data to separate VLANs
5. Separating IP voice traffic from data traffic
List some of the benefits of using VLAN:
1. Secuity
2. Cost reduction
3. Higher performance
4. Broadcast storm mitigation
5. Eas of management and troubleshooting
List the command traffic types:
1. Network management
2. IP telephony
3. IP multicast
4. Normal data
5. Scavenger class
Types of VLANs:
1. Data VLAN – carries only user-generated traffic
2. Default VLAN – all the ports on a switch are member of the default VLAN when the switch is reset to factory default (VLAN 1)
3. Blackhole VLAN –
4. Native VLAN
5. Management VLAN
6. Voice VLAN

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