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EUT 1072 – Sustainable Development and Management Exam # 1, October 19 2009 Professor: Georges A. Tanguay • Exam total points = 100; 19 mandatory questions and one BONUS. • Answer directly on the questionnaire using available space. • Maximum time : 90 minutes Good luck! PART ONE (50 PTS) ANSWER QUESTION 1 OR QUESTION 2 QUESTION 1 (30 pts) We started the course by arguing that the sustainable development concept was first “introduced” in 1972 with the publication of Limits to Growth commissioned by the Club of Rome.

Explain the three main conclusions reached in this report (1 to 1. 5 pages). QUESTION 2 (30 pts) We presented a short version of Al Gore’s movie An Inconvenient Truth. Explain three specific parts or facts that have touched and/or struck you the most (1. 5 pages). ANSWER QUESTION 3 OR QUESTION 4 QUESTION 3 (20 pts) You were expected to read four chapters from the course texbook (Strange, T. and A. Bayley (2008), Linking Economy, Society, Environment). Write a short text explaining what you have basically retained from your readings (1 to 1. 5 pages).

QUESTION 4 (20 pts) The First Law of Thermodynamics can be summarized by the following sentence: Nothing is lost, nothing is created, all is transformed. Using two examples, explain how this Law relates to our visit to the St-Michel environmental Center. (1 page) PART TWO (50 PTS) ANSWER THE 12 MULTIPLE-CHOICE QUESTIONS WITH A CAPITAL LETTER (2. 5 pts each) Question 1 Sustainable development takes into account simultaneously the following dimensions: A)Economic and environmental B)Economic and social C)Environmental and social D)Environmental, economic and social

Answer: Question 2 The concept of weak sustainability means that: A)We should not substitute man-made capital for natural capital. B)We can substitute man-made capital for natural capital. C)The environment is weak so we should not touch it. D)None of those answers. Answer: Question 3 The concept of strong sustainability means that: A)We can’t substitute man-made capital for natural capital. B)We can substitute man-made capital for natural capital. C)The environment can be strongly impacted without any problem. D)The development should be strong and durable.

Answer: Question 4 Which of the following pollutants is not one of the “Big Five” air pollutants (or Criteria Pollutants)? A)Methane (CH4) B)Nitro Oxides (NOx) C)Carbon Monoxide (CO) D)Particulate Matter (PM) Answer: Question 5 What are the missing values (XX): In order for the Kyoto Protocol to take into force, XX countries representing XX% of the 1990 GHG emissions will have to ratify the Protocol. A)55 of the countries and 45% of the GHG B)50 of the countries and 50% of the GHG C)45 of the countries and 50% of the GHG D)None of the above. Answer: Question 6

According to the Kyoto Protocol, Canada had to reduce its GHG emissions between 2008 and 2012 relative to its 1990 level. What was the reduction target in %? A)3% B)6% C)9% D)12% Answer: Question 7 Which of the following pollutant is purely non-cumulative? A)CO2 B)CH4 C)VOC D)None of the above. Answer: Question 8 A development that would only take into account the economic and environmental dimensions would be qualified as being: A) Clean B) Clean and sober C)Fair D)None of the above Answer: Question 9 The E Coli bacteria is associated to what type of water pollution? A) Toxic

B) Asphyxiating C) Fertilizing D) Gastric E)None of the above Answer: Question 10 A development that would only take into account the interaction between the economic and social dimensions would be qualified as being: A)Viable B) Weakly sustainable C) Tweakable D)Equitable Answer: Question 11 What are the two types of gas causing acid rain? A)CO2 and SO2 B)CO2 and NOX C)SO2 and NOX D)CH4 and SOX Answer: Question 12 According to the Stern Report on the costs of climate change, what will be the costs of global warming in terms of lost world production over the next century if we don’t act now?

A)Between 1% and 3% of World GDP B)Between 3% and 5% of World GDP C)Between 5% and 10% of World GDP D)Between 5% and 20% of World GDP Answer: ANSWER THE FIVE SHORT-ANSWER QUESTIONS (4 pts each) Question 13 The Montreal Protocol signed in 1987 aimed to eliminate the production of products destroying the: Answer: _______________________________________ Question 14 Acid rain occurs when the PH value is lower than: Answer: _______________________________________ Question 15 Name one important characteristic that variables composing sustainable development indicators should have:

Answer: _______________________________________ Question 16 The ecosphere consists of the atmosphere, the lithosphere, the biosphere and the: Answer: _______________________________________ Question 17 How do we name pollutants that stay in the environment in nearly the same amounts as they are emitted? Answer: _______________________________________ BONUS 5 PTS Just attend the Conference of Mr. Luc Gagnon that will be held in our regular classroom from 11. 30 to 12. 30 and you get 5 pts in this exam.

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